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Best Anime Ever Thread


Just gonna throw it out here. I'm looking for good suggestions to buy some new stuff. Here's my personal best list:

Berserk - that anime kicked major ass. We're so overdue for a sequel. The manga's good, too
Hellsing - Vampires with giant guns. No more need be said
Ninja Scroll - Both the movie and the animated tv serie.

Manga and Anime Thread

Hands down, for me it's gotta be Hajime No Ippo (Fighting Spirit).

It's a great mix of action, comedy and drama. It's full of dynamic characters and it's not like your typical anime where some of the characters have these crazy superhuman abilities or powers.


Definitely Berserk, doesn't even feel like a nerdy anime, watching it. It's pure animated testoterone


Always loved Mushishi..


They are making a new berserk anime


I looked it up briefly and it appears this is true...OMG!!!! I have been waiting years for this...Berserk is the best anime evah!!!1111oneeone.

I literally had tears in my eyes...nerdgasm x 10000000000000.


Oh and to the OP: If you liked Berserk, check out Gungrave. It's like Berserk but with guns and its own style.


DBZ (Yes, it has to be said)
FMA (Just a fantastic story)

Dunno if you're following Naruto/Bleach but they are pretty good too.


I really like the Berzerk Abridged series. Berzerk was fun, and it was like re-living it all in short 5 minute episodes with jokes thrown in. Really, really funny jokes.


Cowboy Bebop, for the soundtrack alone.

And why hasn't someone posted "Squats and Milk!" yet?

Oh, hey, what was that crappy anime that someone showed me, that was hilarious, because whoever did the english dub was obviously a hair band fan? There was like Castle Metallicaca, the hero's name was Dark Snyder, I swear some sorcerer was yelling "Twisted Sistah!" as he threw fireballs.




Death Note
A little silly, but the interaction between the main characters keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Fist of the North Star takes the testosterone cake, easily.

This show has taken bodybuilding and bloodshed in anime to a whole new level.

For those interested in learning the art 'Hokuto no Ken', here are some tutorials where the fundamental techniques are demonstrated by a master:


Dragonball Z Abridged, www.teamfourstar.com you will thank me.


The name of that Anime was Bastard. Very hair band influenced.


I think they are totally different styles of Anime, but I can see how in some ways they would be similar. That being said. Gungrave is one of my favorite anime series OF ALL TIME, Just for the story alone and the interaction and back story of the two main characters. The ending was so powerful I actually felt it in my gut. Excellent Anime.


Haha, watched one episode. Was pretty funny. "but theres something i can do for you..." "I need an adult!"


cardcaptor sakura


I am an adult!


Samurai 7
Eureka 7