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Best and Worst Villains in Fiction


I like Cormac’s stories, but find his lack of punctuation incredibly tiresome - I know he is going for a train of thought type of writing, but after a novel or two it gets a bit repetitive and downright annoying.

One thing I find interesting to think about is not an individual villain, but entities as villains: i.e. The tough society and hard economics that drove the move westward in “Grapes of Wrath”, or the unpredictability of circumstance as evidenced in “A Farewell to Arms”. The villains in these novels are harder to spot, but more insidious. These stories force us to look at the constructs we live in and attempt to rationalize why we chose this way of life.


I just thought of this guy. He single-handedly turned Day of the Dead into a comedy.

Also, Takeshi Kitano was great in Battle Royale. No, wait, Takeshi Kitano is always great.