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Best and Worst Villains in Fiction


I mean, he did lose his Johnson in Westeros so I can see him just wanting to die.



Feed him to the pigs, Errol.


On the subject of Guy Ritchie movies, how about Lenny from RocknRolla? American Crayfish aren’t as sexy as pigs, but they get the job done…


The guy who thought that he should give John Wick the nickname Baba Yaga. They clearly didn’t actually ask anyone who understands Russian culture.


Of course fuckin of course!


I’d have to say my number 1 is Walter White in Breaking Bad; resentful, intelligent and fallible in a very human way. Sure, he was the protagonist for the audience, but very much an antagonist for most of those around him.


“We’re not IN danger, Skylar, I AM the danger.”


I’m the one who knocks.


That whole scene is easily top 3 of the series


I am going to delve into fiction books here for my selection (not a huge movie fan).

Some of my favorite villains:
Kurtz from “Heart of Darkness” - hailed as a hero, actually a deranged man with no remorse and no qualms about exploiting humans for personal gain/ego boosting
Dracula - This book still scares me more than most modern horror
Hannibal Lecter - Genius and psychotic

Least Favorite Villains
Ivan Drago (though I do really appreciate Dolph Lundgren)
Any evil dudes from the Mortal Kombat movie
Sid from Toy Story (where are that kid’s parents)


Good one.

For Literature, I’d add Mr. Hyde


Gen Ripper from Dr Strangelove- alot of great quotes!

Also, Thulsa Doom from Conan


I’ve started this book 5 times … I don’t know why I never get past the first 30 pages


I had that problem with ‘Dune Messiah’, the second book of the original ‘Dune’ trilogy. I got to like page 60 and quit 3 times before I finally forced myself to power through it.


Try and get through it. The last 30 pages are some of the best in literature.

The book I can’t get through is Count of Monte Cristo

For heroes I like D’artagnan from three Musketeers


Man, it is a slow build, but the ending is just fantastic. Well worth the struggle, believe me. Probably one of my top 5 all time favorite reads


If you think heart of Darkness is bad, try lord Jim. Honestly, Conrad writes like a freshman who just learned “sophisticated language” trying to impress an English teacher.


I love lit too, here’s my two cents:
Best Villain: Madame Defarge from a Tale of Two Cities- an incredibly strong woman who just got caught on the wrong side of society. In my opinion, she’s far superior to Lucille
Worst Villain: Luzhin from Crime and Punishment- he’s a insolent, useless coward. It’s a shame he appeared 60 years too late to be sent to the Gulag.




What are yours?


In literature? I already posted Anton Chigurh from No Country for old men.

Judge Holden from Blood Meridian is probably an even better villain. “Whatever exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.” Cormac just seems to write villains really well.