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Best and Worst Villains in Fiction


Best: Juno Skinner

Worst: Mr. Hand


Percy. His name was Percy and got his job by virtue of nepotism…


Stansfield from Leon has already been mentioned, but I’ll say it again. Gary Oldman is such an amazing actor, he must be borderline insane. How he didn’t get even nominated for best supporting for that one is beyond me.


I liked Negan, but not as much as I liked his lieutenant. He was a great anti-hero in GTAV too.

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Yeah. I like that he snapped, but instead of mourning the loss of his humanity, he hit the throttle. Instead of turning inward and trying to nurture the delusion that he was “one of the good guys” he became the best bad guy he could be- an unbridled megalomaniac that is trying to recreate the Roman empire.

All of the other characters have that little thing where they snap, then do some soul searching and have to “come back” from it. Not him. He’s like “I’m gone, and I like it this way. Spaghetti or Death? Your choice.”.


Skipping the whole republic part and going straight to the despotic emperor part. Maybe he was going for more of an Attila the Hun/Genghis Kahn vibe: roll up to walled settlement, demand tribute, sack city if they refuse.

Pretty simple formula.


I agree, and since the Dark Tower series was meant to connect the various threads throughout King’s works, I think i understand why Flagg needed to be developed in such a fashion.

It just felt really anti-climatic to me. I suppose I can think of it as that, while Flagg seems like an oppressively dark and evil figure to mere humans, he’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.


Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs

John Lithgow in Dexter

Brick Top in Snatch

Step-dad in Pan’s Labyrinth

Jackie Boy in the Shining

Russel Crowe in Gladiator



Honorable Mentions:
Kronk/Eesma in Emperors New Groove

Hero/Villain combo of John Cusack and Dan akroyd in Grosse Pointe Blank


Heath Ledger’s Joker is my number one super hero movie villain. I didn’t really think that one could be debated at this point.

Killmonger was a good villain; I’d probably put him in my top 5 (for super hero movies). I liked Winter Soldier, Thanos, Ledger’s Joker, and Nicholson’s Joker more though.


Good call, I wasn’t really thinking outside of Marvel movies but Heath’s performance was incredible.


The debate IS there, but it is more in the nerdy regard of if Batman is a superhero or just a hero.




I’d agree that Heath Ledger’s Joker is on a level that few others reach.

More generally I’d say that superhero movies rise and fall more on the quality of the villains than the quality of the heroes. Heroes are vanilla, almost by requirement. Villains add the color.

Anti-heroes can break this formula and bring the color themselves, which makes anti-heroes popular, especially among adults.


Carter Burke (Paul Reiser) in Aliens.

Man, he was a slimy villain. Incidentally, the only time I could stomach Paul Reiser and only because I couldn’t stomach the character haha


Not sure if you call him a true villain… But damn one of my favorite scene in any movie.


Castor troy !!!


I watched the entire series over the weekend. From her past, even Mrs Hudson had the potential to be a Hero or Super Villian. She drives an Aston Martin lol!


Mrs Hudson is awesome, great character.


The kid who killed John Wicks dog. Man I don’t think I’ve hated anyone more passionately in a movie.
You killed the boogeyman’s dog that his dad wife gave him, what kind of monster does that


Pennywise for best.

Boss Hogg for worst.