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Best and Worst Villains in Fiction


The worst villain has to be Bennett in Commando. This fat little douche nozzle vs. Arnold. Gtfo.



The worst villian was that CGI fucker in The Justice League movie.


Darth Vader’s pretty cliche, but he was a great bad guy.

I’ll second Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men was great. He had a code and valued precise language.

Sauron in the Lord of the Rings books (along with Unfinished Tales and The Silmarillion) has a great backstory that you don’t really get in the movies. He’s a demigod crafty enough to survive the wrath of the gods that took out his old boss Melkor, which made him top bad guy in Middle Earth. A few thousand years of mediocre bad guy performance later he stroked the egos of the Numenoreans to get them to wage a suicidal campaign against the same gods, which completely wiped out their entire civilization and the most powerful military of the age. Then he fooled everyone again into making all of those rings of power. That ultimately led to his downfall but not until a few thousand years went by with lots of wars and the cool stuff that was depicted in the movies. All in all a pretty good run. RIP Sauron.

Worst villain goes to whatever the fuck that guy’s name was in The Last Jedi. Snopes or something. He didn’t make any sense at all, much like the whole franchise reboot. Everything associated with that travesty gets extra points for taking a giant dump on the cinematic treasure of my childhood.


I loved Randall Flagg until he went and died like an idiot.

Flagg in The Stand and other individual works just feel like a completely different character from the one in The Dark Tower series.


When they killed him off I was like, why was he even in the movies? He’s the Jar Jar Binks of episode 7 & 8. Completely worthless.


Wilson Fisk in the Netflix/Marvel series’ is a pretty good villain.


I really liked Lorne Malvo from season 1 of Fargo.

He was just a really good, smart, clever bad guy. Not like an anti-hero either. Just a great malicious bastard.


Fun fact about Oldman in The Professional (funny, I didn’t even realize Leon was part of the title LOL): when he screeaaaamed out “EVERYBODY!!!”, he was just fucking with the sound people; but the director liked it so much (because it was so awesome!) that it became a part of the movie.

Read that in some interview somewhere.


While watching this movie, you kept thinking…shit, I could kick that doughy douche’s ass…didn’t 'cha? don’t deny it…!!!

Fun fact: that little weasel Arnold dropped off the cliff was in my karate school waaayyyy back when; during his black belt promotion, I literally airborned him into a (padded, too bad) pole with a spinning back kick -ahhh, exorcised the demon from all the hateful characters he played in the movies!!! As soon as he got his black belt though, dude disappeared, typical.


Beat me to it


On the subject of the Dark Tower, Roland Deschain is one of my all time favorite hero’s. Would love to have a palaver with the old gunslinger. Obviously the books, not whatever that crap was from the movie.

Favorite villain is Magneto. Much like every good villain, Magneto is the hero from his viewpoint. Also the whole holocaust survivor as his justification for what he does brings a deeper level to his MO. Super villain or radicalized civil rights advocate?


Not sure about best or worst but Brian O’Shay in the book The Spy by Clive Cussler.

Wore a thing on his thumb and gouged people’s eyes out. Ruthless. Seriously, he just couldn’t die fast enough.


Roland at the start of the series or end the series?


Wasn’t he like a kickboxing world champion or something?

EDIT: No, he was just some Australian theatre actor haha


I happily admit that I loved Ramsay’s evil and his self-assured smugness.



Shogun. Best book ever. It lacks nothing. Because pretty much everyone but the protagonist is a villain at some level. And depending on perspective, so is he.


It must be nearly 30 years ago since I read that, really enjoyed it. When the Richard Chamberlain series came out it was so crap.


My first introduction to him was Eyes of the Dragon … I loved that book. Stand Flagg was awesome


He seems like a lot more fun waving that sausage around. Definitely a bad dude and “good” villain.

I also loved/hated DiCaprio as Calvin Candie in Django. He was great as a super repulsive villain. All the way down to his gross stained teeth, and rubbing shit in with his demand of a final handshake. I find DiCaprio super charismatic and I love lots of his movies. It was cool to see him as such a bad bad dude.


Walter White is my favorite villain of all time, probably because I didn’t even realize he’d become the villain until I was already firmly entrenched in his corner. It was only after my second viewing of the series where I realized how truly fucking evil he was at the end. Breaking Bad is one of the few works of fiction where the bad guy is the main character. Most main characters have redemptive arcs; Walter White’s arc descended straight into hell.

Thanos is another great villain that hasn’t been mentioned yet. He’s easily the second best super hero movie bad guy, behind the obvious one.

Others that haven’t been mentioned:
Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) - Gone Girl
John Doe (Kevin Spacey) - Seven
Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) - Inglourious Basterds
The Overlook Hotel - The Shining