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Best and Worst Bodyparts

Do others have any ideas of their most and least developed bodyparts? For my part my forearms would have to win best (they were 13’ before I ever lifted with 13’ biceps which brought a few popeye comments) and my pecs the worst (18 months focus and just thickening now).

Forearms and Lats are by far my best. Calves are my worst I guess. I have the Popeye syndrome too, but I do a lot of grip work so it’s to be expected.

I have ALWAYS wanted my legs to get big, and through 3-4 years of BUSTING MY NUT, my legs are now about my best part! Really though, I’ve started to look at my body as a whole. I see a part that looks like it’s lagging and I’ll focus on it more for period. But… my legs are gettin’ pretty chunky…! [grin]

There is no a single bodypart I am satisfied with. OTOH, my lower body is much better developed than my upper body.

Another superb and unique post by Dre, quite possibly the Marv Albert of the forum–keeping the color commentary going, not biting, folks! For me, I’d have to say that my delts outshine all my other bodyparts. Not only do they appear more developed, I’ve been told and can tell they often come in and help out in other exercises.

My best bodyparts are biceps, traps, quads, and glutes (yippee). After I started squatting regularly, my glutes blew up. And for some reason, my traps have always been thick and flank my neck very prominently. However, systematic use of the Weider Priority principle have brought a good deal of my body up to speed. God Bless Weider.

Rear deltoid. My rear delts and my mid back looked like a little girl until I found out how to balance my workout.

Shoulders, biceps, forearms and calves are my worst parts. Chest and back have come along well. Legs are decent, but have been bigger and stronger in the past. I’m trying to address imbalances. I’ve had to stop doing direct chest work because my chest overshadows my shoulders and arms big time. I hate having long, lean limbs and a short torso. It doesn’t look right. But I’ll do my best to correct it!

I’m still somewhat of a newbie (2 years) but I’d have to say that my best parts are my chest and traps, with my back coming a close second (weighted chins have done wonders). I’m still not satisfied with the size of my arms or shoulders, and my legs are still pretty skinny, although they have grown a lot since I started working them (who knew??)

Worst parts for me are quads and hams. Glutes and calves are good though. I just neglected legs for a little too long when I started. I’m doing legs 2x week now and hopefully they’re going to catch up.

I weigh around 225-230 and if my upper body was as big proportionately as my lower body i would weigh 250. Ive always fought to make my upper body bigger. I think it was because i was always careful not to be a pussy and work my legs hard. Plus when i played football, i needed strong legs more than anything.

My bi’s are small, as are my forearms, though my forearms are growing thanks to Ian King. My chest and lats are good, but my delts need some work. My calves have always been good, not huge, but big and cut. Funny, most Asians don’t seem to do much to have big calves. My quads need work, but my knee injury is really hampering my progress. Not to open a can of worms, but doesn’t seem like there are significant racial differences in which bodyparts are easy to bring up? Many blacks seem to have small calves, while their hams are huge. I’ve seen many Asians with huger legs, but light upper bodies.

I hate to talk about myself,but my hamstrings look like
2-large,peaked,shelled Walnut halves!(and my quads aren’t
far behind either.)It kind of strange because my BF isn’t
all that low (10-ish) and yet my LEGS are RIPPED shitlessly
go figure!What sucks is my waist line -I can’t get rid of my

My legs are pathetic. In high school, as a newbie, I did them about once a month. Even then, I didn’t squat because “I didn’t like it.” How stupid I was! Then I discovered T-mag… I have developed a new love for squatting. Nobody at my gym does it. If people are working legs, its always women doing hamstring curls or guys on the leg press. I’m not going over-board, hoping my legs catch up, because I’ve generally got a pretty large lower body (must be genetics).

Conversley, my chest is huge! I used to bench press about three times per week in high school. Then, anything worked. I was eating "okay" too. I used to be a fatty and successfully followed a high-carb/low-fat diet to get the fat off. Remember, I hadn't read T-mag at that stage! Anyway, my chest is still huge. A combination of benching and dips got it where it is, and now that combo is still working well for me.

I gave up on my calves years ago, so they’re the worst by far. Best bodyparts are either my quads or delts.

Traps and delts, haven’t done any direct trap work in 3 years and they still grow. Lower pecs are my worst area,

Yeah, Dre, nice post. Joey A, I hear you. I hate my friggin’ handles too. Worst bodypart: quads. They look like Tara Lipinsky’s. Best bodypart: Well, this gets a bit complicated. Bodybuilding-wise, I’d have to say upper arms. They grow very easily. But attractiveness-wise… well, I know there will be some who disagree and whose bubbles are burst, but I do have the best masculine ass on the planet. With aplogies to Dana Carvey, it’s a perfectly-shaped geometrical object. Scientists all over Japan calibrate their instruments by MY ASS.

Hyok, as usual, you and I are on the same wavelength. There are so many Japanese guys here who do nothing athletic and yet have fantastic leg (especially calf) development. My theory is that since Japan is so mountainous, people with better than average calves had a real advantage walking up and down. Makes me extremely jealous. Maa, shikata ga nai, ne. Iden o sakerarenai.

Char-dawg: Sokana. Hakujin no iden wa dame da ne. Moo, Americajin dame. Just kidding. My Japanese friend and I would talk about various things and he would just end it with “Americajin dame.” The irony of course was that I am American though most Japanese would not see me that way. Jodan datta. Ja ne.

hey hyok, i totally agree with you. Asians, for some reason, have horrible genes. It’s like everyone on our side of the world is skinny as hell (ok maybe not the sumo wrestlers). I’m indian and let me tell you it’s taken me a very long time to get where i am and it was damn hard, but im proud of the results. Do you agree about us Asians? Any other asians/chinese/indians wanna comment. I always had these thoughts in my head lol.

It’s sunday and I’ve nothing good to do so I shall revitalize this post. Afterall, it is a great post topic. my best physical attributes have to be my triceps (I have no idea how these things keep growing, it’s sick), my traps (jump shrugs and incline bench shrugs with my chest on the bench rule) and my back, which has grown considerably lately. Right now I’m really concentrating on thickening and cutting my pecs. lata.

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