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Best Anchor for BBS?


I’ve been training consistently for 1 year using the original 5/3/1 BBB. I’ve got the new Forever book and have decided to have a go at some of the other program’s.

I’m looking at running Boring But Strong for 2 Leader cycles but I’m unsure what anchor cycle to run. I was thinking either FSL (PG58), 5X5/3/1 (PG 93/93).

Also, quick question on Assistance work,

On the original 5/3/1 BBB I did 5X10 Dumbell rows on bench day only as assistance work. This was obviously on top of the 5/3/1 sets and the BBB sets 5X10. In other words for assistance work I did 50 reps.

Now looking at the new assistance work rules I have to do 50 reps of pull, 50 reps of push and 50 reps core on top of 3X5 sets and 10 X 5 sets. So, I’m now 150 reps for assistance work.

I tend to rest 1.5 minutes between warm up sets, 3 minutes between 5/3/1 sets and 2 minutes between every other set. The original 5/3/1 took me 1 hr to do, this is going to take me 2-3 hours. Am I reading this right ?

I like using PR sets, jokers, and FSL for my anchor when I use BBS, BBB, or SSL for my leaders. I don’t have the book right next to my right now so please don’t quote me on this but I think the assistance work on BBS is 0-25 for each category instead of 25-50. Also Jim states these are recommendations you can do more or less depending on your work capacity, stress, etc. there should be no reason it takes that long to complete. Right now I’m running SSL for my Anchor and my whole session takes me about 1.5 hours at the very most and that includes warm up and prowler at the end.

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I second this.

I third this. This is what I have done in the past. However I often modify it to suite peaking needs for a powerlifting meet.

If you choose to do PR sets, Jokers, and FSL remember to switch to 3/5/1 format and only do PR sets and Jokers on 3’s week and 5/3/1 week. 5’s week is for minimum reps and no jokers.

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Thanks for the tips, just finishing up 7th week pr test. I’ve corrected some issues with my TM as a result and I’m quite excited to get going :). Also, sorted out some supersets for assistance work so I can get them in.