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Best Anavar Cycle for a Female

Best way for me to get the most from anavar, I’m a 40 yr old female 162 pds very fit. 17% bodyfat

I’m sure there are people on here qualified to help answer, but I don’t think we have many female users. I know UGbb and meso has a womens only section with lots of drug info. They might also provide some valuable personal experiences.

The most growth? Women usually 5-10mg I think. Friends ex had good results on 5mg but she was looking to get shredded mostly, not bigger.

Anavar is anavar. The “way” is what you do besides anavar. So you either take it or you dont. Start with 5, and you can always up the dose.
You can also look into Ostarine, instead of Anavar.
Anyways, to get the most out of it, you need to have a program and diet that gets you good results that anavar could amplify.

And then, you either cut on it and enjoy the fullness even when you are on a deficit, or you bulk on it and enjoy the strenght and size gains.

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