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Best Anabolic Supplement?

I’m 18, been working out for about 3 years, good gains and diet. I was considering steroids but decided best if I waited until about 25, my question is what are some good anabolic supplements that can be an alternate to steroids ? I know they obviously won’t be as effective but I’ll take any advantage I can get!

I don’t think test boosters should really do anything for me as I just turned 18

Test boosters probably won’t do dick considering your age (like you are already aware). General rule of thumb would be to let us know your current diet like just quick breakdown of your macro’s. Beyond that the basic staples like fish oil, a solid multi, vit d and then onto more fun shtuff like creatine, beta-alinine, bcaa’s, possibly some insulin mimetic type supps with proper use of carbs ect ect can be reccomended.

Not jumping on juice right now is a very good choice imo. Do that now and you will likely NEVER learn how to train without it and that would be doing yourself a great injustice at the start of what might be a very valuable tool for your life. Welcome btw

If you’re looking for anabolic supplements but staying away from anything that might increase testosterone, then I think you are confused in what it is exactly you want. The link is not just “commercial” supplements, it features summaries of any ingredients that might increase testosterone.

I’d say a nutrient repartitioning/insulin mimicker. The most obvious one would be Biotest’s Indigo-3G here on the site… Other good ones are AP by USPlabs or Glycobol.

I’ve NEVER used any of theses supplements and your probably saying “well STFU then” but from what I understand, insulin is THE most powerful hormone in the body and once u can manipulate it to your advantage then your doing it right. You can simultaneously gain muscle and lose fat (from what the claims are) I def do wanna try I3G tho one of these days…

Turkish Delight!

Joke aside, if you can’t afford the top notch Biotest supplements (Indigo-3G, Plazma) i’d say go with the basics that WideGuy suggested

I’m not following one specific diet, I eat a regular 7-8 times a day, no junk, just protein with every meal, I only get my carbs from fruits and veggies, sometimes whole wheat, I take a good amount of fats too I’d say! I never heard of this insulin stuff, can’t wait to try it I’m liking the reviews

“WideGuy” — you look like a damned tank.

You should post more.

Get on the Juice Train, cho choo

Heavy back and legs workouts with lots of grass fed beef and healthy fats.

Nothing else works.

You’re 18 yrs old, you are going to be pumping out tons of natural T all on your own. Clean diet, good quality calories, heavy lifting, live it up man.