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Best Alternative to TRT Injections?


Hi CT,
Im 39 years old and had my test levels checked recently which came back at 210ng/dl. While having my blood drawn I became very light headed, began sweating heavily and nearly passed out. i dont think i could inject myself wth test. What would you reccomend as an alternative? Do you think sarms would be a good choice?


SARMS cannot act as TRT because they don’t have all the functions of testosterone and will actually shut down your own testo production (even though SARMS reseller will tell you that they don’t).

So yeah, they might help you build more muscle, but they might lower your testo levels even more.

Your doctor could prescribe androgel which is a topical testo gel. It is not strong enough to “do a cycle” but it can put you in the normal-high levels.

But I would suggest analyzing your lifestyle to see what could be keeping your testo lower. Stress for example can have a negative impact on testo by leading to an overproduction of cortisol.