Best Alternative to Running?

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I’d recommend hitting the exercise bike twice a week for high-intensity cardio, where you ride at a relaxed pace for 30 seconds, then blast up the intensity of the machine and peddle your ass off for 30… Rinse and repeat for 20 minutes…

If by 10-12 minutes you don’t feel like barfing and wondering if you can just give up, then you’re not doing it right…

In addition, after EVERY workout (weights), hit the treadmill and WALK on an incline of 5-8 degrees at a speed comfortable walk - not too brisk, not too slow that you’re able to look around behind you and check people out…

I can guarentee you will be conditioned…

The above is actually a staple in all my fat-cutting phases…[/quote]

I’ve been doing the treadmill at max incline at a 3.5 pace for 45min-hour. I am interested in the conditioning part, not so much the fat loss. I mean I know doing this type of work I am going to lose some fat, but at 5’9 and 152lbs, fat is not my worst enemy! I’d like to be bigger/stronger, but from what I hear, that won’t do me much good in boot camp. Apparently boot camp is as catabolic as it gets. So, I figure I’ll just do what I need to do to pump out pushups, situps, pullups, and good run times. Then I’ll go back to doing something like WS4SB3.

That’s kind of slow, even with the incline.

I really look at is as having two separate aspects. There’s the cardio conditioning, and anything that keeps you breathing hard for 45 min, will do that.

Then there’s your legs. They needn’t only be strong, but they need to get used to pumping at pace. So running on an elliptical vs. real running, in my experience, is a wash for conditioning (test it on yourself, maybe you’re different), but you do have to get used to maintaining pace near where you want to be, even if your adding steep or resistance.

Also, you will not get bigger or stronger at boot camp, so get that out of your mind. The way you’ll eat there is like the 1950s food pyramid on retard-steroids. Like 80% simple carbs, a little protein, and good luck finding decent fat.

Today I did a half hour of sprints followed by rest periods on the recumbent… that was hell haha… will definitely be doing that again. Followed that up with 20 minutes at 4.0 pace on full incline for a walk on the treadmill.

As for the diet… kind of funny how the military is often ahead in things like technology… yet lag behind in nutrition, and exercise choices. For example sit-ups… one of the foremost experts in spine health (Dr. Stu McGill) is a Prof. at my school, and wrote an article on here, and he’d tell you that sit-ups are just awful for the spine, and that there are many other exercises one can do to work the abs without putting that kind of pressure on the spine. I just find that kind of weird.

One form of cardio that you may want to consider is high rep kettlebell swings. In one of his books, Pavel states that in one study military recruits in the group that only did KB swings actually improved their running times more than those in the group that did traditional training. It may also help you add some muscle, while regular cardio is detrimental to muscle growth.

Kettlebell swings may be a good addition to the other activities suggested but I have my doubts about
a study in which KB swings were proven more effective than actual running.

What about that frequently recommended susbstitute for injured runners-deep water running? Obviously rather inconvenient and ideally needs a flotation vest but by all accounts fairly effective in duplicating
actual running.

A Cybex Arc Trainer will kick your ass in to shape without putting much strain on the achilles. No matter how good of shape you get in though you’re fucked if you can’t run during basic training. Your first order will be “pack your bags Sally, you’re going home”. Keep your chin up though, you could always learn to ride a horse and become a Mounty.