Best Alpha Male Quotes

What is the most Alpha quote you’ve ever heard or read?

I’ll start us off with Alberto Tomba, infamous playboy, 50-time winner in the World Cup of Ski and winner of 4 Gold and 2 Silver Olympic medals.

“I used to have a wild time with three women until 5 a.m., but I am getting older. In the Olympic Village here, I will live it up with five women, but only until 3 a.m.”

By the way- no movie quotes please. Let’s keep them from real people, not fictional characters.

I hope nobody gets offended by this one, it is racist, but its a very funny line.

In “Escape From Alcatraz”, Clint Eastwood’s character is sitting at a table with all black people. When he gets up, one of the guys says to him:
“Why are you getting up? Either you scared, or you don’t like ns"
Clint sits right back down and says:
"I don’t like n

Disappointing. Come on, someone has to have some good quotes that aren’t from a movie!

Conan, what is best in life?
Conan: to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of the women.

“We’ll bring the terrorists to justice or justice to the terrorist’s”

GW Bush

“Let’s Roll”

Todd Beamer

Someone asked General Norman Schwartzkof if he thought there was “Room for forgiveness toward the terrorists who commited the attacks on 9-11?” He answered:

“I believe that forgiving them is Gods function, our job is simply to arrange the meeting”.

I think the General was a T-Man at one time.

I grew up in a Logging family from Prineville Oregon. Just a lot of alpha stuff my whole life. One of the most alpha statements I ever heard came from my mom when I was 9 and because of a conversation at school asked her if it was ever OK to hit a girl (I’m not violent by the way) Her response was
“You always treat a Lady like a lady and if she acts like a Man, then knock her ass out like a Man”
Life was always fun at home.

In the fall of 89 I was in a Logging camp in Dolimi, Alaska. We were Helicopter logging some cliffs there. The Huey was down for the day so we had nothing to do. Most of the guys there had not seen anything Female in 6+ months. I was standing on the side of a hill looking down into the dump area with 5 other very Neanderthal type Loggers. We were observing a Grizzly Bear in the dump. As we were starring down at the bear, Ox one of the loggers (and I do not know his name) says to all of us very sincerely, ?Do you think it?s a Girl?? Several of the others kind of all agreed and thought it was. I looked at all of them and said, ?IT?S A F#@KIN GRIZZLY BEAR!?
And Ox answered back in a really aggressive, angry, almost insulted statement, ?THERE?S SIX OF US!!!?

You see alpha isn’t so much what you say it’s more how you say it and who you are inside.

Rhale, good stuff, man. I remember some things my late grandfather once told me:

“Why be a pussy if ya don’t have to be?”


“Life’s too short to dance with ugly women.”

This is the man who taught me how to make him martinis when I was eight years old. I’m sure that a lot of them probably tasted like shit, but he always sipped them lovingly like they were the dew between Angelina Jolie’s tits. God, I miss that guy.

“I felt pain and I coped with it. I moved on.” –Aron Ralston, cut off his arm pinned beneath a boulder to save his life.

There are lots of good quotes from real people such as Patton, Lombardi, FDR, Churchill, etc. Louie has some good ones that are more lifting oriented.

My father’s advice on how to deal with bullies in High School. I was 5’ 3" and 120 lbs. I had a speech impediment combined with a stutter. Kind of made me a target.

“So he’s bigger, stronger and a better fighter than you. Next time he pushes you go down. When he steps in and grabs you, you get up and take the inside edge of your hand (pointed to his thumb part of a karate style chop) and hit him in the neck as hard as you can in an upwards motion. If you kill him, we’ll get you a good lawyer.”

“Always let them push you, push you closer to the thing you can grab and make a weapon.”

“The pinky finger is the easiest thing to break. Come on to it (meaning break it), and the shock will buy you enough time to do any you want.”

Sorry they are all about fighting, but hey, it was High School. And I was an oddity.

My cosins and uncles were all standing outside a resturant when a hot girl walks by. Of course all of us take a gander, then my cosin asks my uncle

“Dont you have a wife?”

My uncle Replied
“The day i stop lookin, is the day you can shovel the dirt” (on his coffin)

I know this is a movie quote, but it’s one that I feel is worthy so I’m posting it anyhow.

"What are you lookin’ at? You’re all a bunch of fuckin’ assholes. You know why? You don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be. You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers, and say “that’s the bad guy.”

  • Tony Montana - Scarface.

These days everyone is always looking to blame others for their mistakes, and so often people are just to chicken to do what would really make them happy. This quote inspires me to be who I want to be - not what society tells me to be.

“I think it is high time you all take a look at your lives, and start judging the lie that you live in.”

  • Charles Manson, at the Tate/LaBianca trial

Best Alpha Male quote I ever had was from my mom “I don’t care how big you are or how big you get, remember you have to sleep sometime”

Bruce Lee once said, “It is the man that has nothing to lose or is willing to lose everything to beat you that I am afraid of. If a man is willing to lose his life to bite off my nose then I don’t care how good I am or what I do to him…he’s gonna get my nose.”

This was both a movie quote but it was of a real person, that said it. its of Wyatt Earp, after his brother was killed, Doc holiday asked wyat, what he wanted to do, Wyat said: “Kill Them All”
both of these men were the kings of bad ass, one was a law man, the other a gambler, and killer, yet, they were the best of friends till the end.

“I have pissed away more money on bar tabs then you will make in a lifetime pal.”

-Ric Flair

So this kid at my work has what I like to call “nintendo fever”, likes to think he can fight, and claims to be the second coming of scarface, naturally being a T-Man our personalities clashed. Sunday words were exchanged, and true to being the soyboy I know he is, I knocked him to the ground and after a little scuffle (I slapped him like a bitch), he goes “Do you want to go outside?”
I reply “yes”
He then postering because he’s been punked “Do something”
And I go “I just did”

I didn’t know I had said it, but a witness to the scirmish said I said it, I think the best Alpha Male quotes are one’s like that at the heat of the moment and not remebered by the speaker