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Best All in One Protein Shake for a Strength Athlete?


I am looking for a protein shake that has everything in it, creatine, HMB etc, but isn't loaded with lots of carbs, please let me know if you know of some?




You're not going to have much luck finding a protein that is both low in carbs and contains a serving of creatine as well, let alone all the other things you're probably looking for. Your best bet is to find a protein blend that you like that has a low carb content and then build from there.


What supplement regime would you recommend for strength training to supplement a protein shake?


Hot Stuff

Wait, that went off like the dinosaur.


HMB? I didn't think anyone still sold this stuff, let alone wanted to use it.


Are you looking for strength gains with a minimal increase in size?

Get your diet right with a macro split that works for you and allows you to recover. Outside of that, a protein shake with 5 grams of creatine taken post workout would work quite well, but I really can't stress the importance of a solid diet here.