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Best advice

Right vixens and t-men, what is the single best piece of advice ne one has ever given to you? mine would have to be " see it, believe it and achieve it 2 given to me by an old man when i was five and i have lived my life accordingly to it ever since!!

Don’t Trust Anyone.

“…The key to failure is to try to please everyone”

When I was 16, I wasn’t doing well in school. My grandfather sat me down and told me how they cage lions in the zoo. The lion is put into a cage with strong iron bars when he’s a cub, he finds that no matter how hard he tries he can’t break through the bars. As he grows the bars are strengthened until he’s an adult, then the bars are made relatively weak. The reason is the lion no longer even tries to get out because he feels the bars are too strong for him.

My grandfather said, “you are allowing your mind to be put into a cage. You are no longer a cub, you’re a lion, break out of the cage and refuse to be trapped ever again!”

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid!

“Rest if you must, but just don’t quit.”

"Practice safe sex…Wear a rubber glove.

if you do for a couple of years what others won’t, youll be able to do for the rest of your life what others can’t!

“Don’t complain about what you permit.” (in reference to “feeling fat” when I was overweight) A man’s wife told her husband that, and my husband reminded me of it when I needed a kick in the pants.

“Slap it, smack it, and spank it on the bing-bong”

Hmm…actually, it wouldn’t be a piece of advice, but the day I decided I was going to be true to myself. Most young women make the mistake of listening to everyone around them, but ignoring their own instincts. I am now on the other side of 30 and finally realized that I have to make myself happy. This empowered me to dump all the naysayers and surround myself with positive people. Hey, the day I did that was the day I became super serious in the gym. And here is the kicker; my boyfriend loves it!


One of my favorite quotes I’ve heard came from one of TC’s Atomic Dog that he wrote recently. It’s “I also want to tell you that pretty much everybody, to a certain degree, is full of shit.”

best advice: when making a decision or hesitating ask yourself - “what do I have to gain” and compare with “what’s the worst thing that can happen”

If you’d be embarassed to tell your best friend you did it, don’t do it.

I told my nephew this week to “Never let defeat stop you from winning.” The point is that winning and losing are two sides of the same coin, and they are mates. In order to win, you must also lose. The cool thing to do is to get right back up after a whipping, and get right back into the game. Living whipped is for the dead.

“If you’re always busy as a bee, someone will come by and steal your honey.” Too bad it actually happened to me before I learned to strike a better balance in my life.

Best weightlifting advice was to keep
my shoulderblades retracted hard, and
shoulders down against the bench hard
even at the top of the lift, in the
bench press. Prior to getting this
advice I’d give myself rotator cuff
injuries again and again on the bench

“Act only in accordance with that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it become a universal law.” - my good buddy Immanuel Kant

"Assumption is the mother of all fuckups." - my dad