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Best Adjustable 'Space Saver' DBs


Anyone have any experience with the various "space saver" dumbbell sets available? I have the PowerBlock Sport Block set. The mechanism is simple, but it only goes to 25lbs., so I want a bigger set (up to 50lbs. per hand).

The larger PowerBlock set looks to operate the same, but does anyone have experience with it or the other types? Some have a pin that lifts and slides out to grab the plates, other brands have a dial on the outside of the dumbbell. I'm looking for economy, and simplicity/reliability of the weigh selection mechanism. Thanks...


Do they go up to 180lbs?




50 lbs per hand…or was that a ‘joke’?


what’s wrong with getting some like this? I don’t understand. Look you’ll plateau so quick with 50lb max dbs. I imagine you’re fairly new. Expect to be pushing way more then 50 lb dbs for reps 6 months to a year from now.


Aluminum 50 Set $479 ($59 S/H)

The Pro Aluminum 50 equals/replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells or 915 lbs of free weights in the space of just 1 pair. The Pro Aluminum 50 can be expanded later to 90 lbs per hand and again to 130 lbs per hand. The Pro Aluminum 50 is shown with optional Silver Pro Stand available on accessories page, stand decals and stand and handle weight charts are included for your optional application. The Pro Aluminum 50 is 11.75" L x 6" W x 6" H, ships in 2 boxes. Made in USA.

this is the biggest one powerblock makes. jesus 479 bucks? You could buy some cheap ass adjustable dumbbells and keep buying plates as you get stronger for less then half that. Yet if you got money like that go for it…I don’t


guys, I appreciate the “advice” so far, but maybe this is the wrong place to ask such a question. Am I “new”? eh, well, considering I’m 41 and got my first hand-me-down set of plastic coated Dan Lurie plates at 15…I suppose I’m newer than some but older than most on this site. It’s not a lifestyle for me, but I have always done some sort of work throughout those years.

I work out at home and have a home cable/stack machine already. Last year I sold a home Smith machine and gave away two incline benches, a preacher bench, about a dozen bars, dumbell handles, collars and about 400lbs of plates, and I still have probably 200+ lbs, several straight bars, dumbell handles and collars left.

Obviously I can curl or press a lot more than I can lateral raise. Changing plates on dumbells constantly is a PITA. All I’m looking to do is consolidate my equipment in a smaller space, lose some weight and keep the muscle I have, not go for 1 rep max’es or post my accomplishments on Youtube. 50 lbs per hand is fine for what I want to do, and quick adjustments are nice.

Now…does anyone have any hands-on experience with these space saver thingies?


the best thing to do would be to find a place locally that sells them and mess around with them first hand. Or look up youtube videos of people using them and see which one appeals to you the most.


I’ve seen some sporting good stores that actually carry the Bowflex as well as the Powerblock sets. See if you can find a store that has them in stock and go take a look at them. If you look at the Bowflex and the Powerblock and pick them up, there’s no comparison. The Powerblocks are smaller, sleeker, better balanced and offer add ons up to about 130 lbs. I know you don’t want that now, but it’s always nice to know it’s there just in case. I have a smaller set of Powerblocks which I use when doing intervals. They have held up great, but I don’t have any experience with the larger set. I just use the old plate system when I use heavier weights. Someone on here has to have experience with the bigger sets.