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Best Additions to Your Shake?


Simple, I want to know what the people of T-Nation are putting in their shakes to get an extra boost, in any facet of your pursuit of muscle. Additions for growth, health, absorption or anything else along those lines, what is it and why do you use it?

How Much:

I'll kick it off with one of my favorites:

What: Spinach
Why: Great source of fiber, helps with protein absorption, easier to consume a lot when its blended into a shake
How Much: One or two handfuls

Now it's your turn...


plain greek yogurt
low in carbs, high in protein


Peanut Butter, tastes good, adds some fat.


Coconut milk: added calories, creamy texture, tastes great
How Much: 1/2 cup


Ground up almonds mix with ground up Cliff Chocolate Brownie bar - calories, good fats, proteins, little bit of sugar and complex carbs.
1 bar, 1 handful of almonds.

best protein shake when mixed with chocolate whey - have a spoon handy cuz therell be alot left at the bottom yuuum


What:Milled Flax Seed
Why: Fiber, great fatty acids and other nutrients, helps keep things moving
How Much: 1-2 tablespoons


i bought a bunch of cliff bars, then i saw that they're almost 100% soy, so i gave em to a hobo


Any shake I drink has atleast 2tbs of Olive Oil.

It'll be interesting to see how this thread plays out. Maybe I'll pick up a few more tips. Never heard of spinach n a shake before though. I loved spinach when I was a kid, I think it was a Popeye thing.

Also Hersheys syrup or hot chocolate mix bumps my shakes up to 300 cals and provides 30 grams of carbs. I'm glad I was able to find information on here to make my own weight gainer. Between the oil and syrup my protein shakes meet my needs. Little things like that go along way.


I put a tbsp of coconut oil and a tablespoon of olive oil


wheat germ, oatmeal


Since I don't want to cook before classes, I'm downing a shake Mon-Fri on the drive to the train. This is what I've been doing everyday pretty much.

2 cups of milk (just for more calories really, I need more than water), 1/2-2/3 cup of oats for some carbs and fiber, some good fats like a tablespoon hazelnut oil, 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive, and a scoop of Superfood and L-Leucine. Some cinnamon too. Tastes pretty good actually.

I also make veggie+fruit shakes when I'm home and have some time, using the juicer. This is probably the best thing I've added to my diet recently. A bunch of spinach, celery, carrots, broccoli, and then masked by the sweetness of apples or pears. And then a tiny bit of ginger. No fiber, but I get all the rest of the goods. I also through some type of good-fat oil in there to make the nutrients more bioavailable.


I dont worry about the soy. But, props for bringing it up for those that didnt know.


Get those frozen strawberries from the frozen food section, blend with lots of skim milk and vanilla whey. If you want is more sweet add some dextrose. The natural sugars are great post workout.


2x coconut milk and chocolate flavored whey is insanely good.


milk, banana, cream, honey and cinnamon


If I'm in a hurry then Milk, Powder, 2 raw Eggs and 2 tbsps of Olive Oil

Weirdest thing I've put in a shake is raw broccoli, it actually turned out well because it added a peppery taste to the shake.


Who wants a body massage, body masssssssage.

Sorry, I like your avatar, those GI Joe dubs were epic.

I just put canned pumpkin into one of my shakes yesterday and it was great. Adds some good carbs, fiber, lots of vitamins, and some pumpkin pie taste without all the negative nutritional values. Just make sure you buy canned pumpkin, not canned pumpkin pie mix.


every morning I blend
-2/3 cup dry oatmeal
-2 to 3 tablespoons of evoo
-1 scoop of Metabolic Drive
-1 banana or a cup of frozen/fresh berries
-top it off with lf milk

on occasion i will add several tb spoons of natural peanut butter, cottage cheese, or Greek yogurt or maybe a raw egg here or there



pumpkin is a great idea, with extra Cinnamon, a little nutmeg, vanilla whey, mmmmmmm. I am gonna have to try that.



For a good treat, add some apple with that broccoli. It masks the brocoli taste. I usually use half an apple. Nice addition of fiber with just a few carbs.