Best Addition to Whey in PWO Shake?

Dextrose seems to be too many calories? Some say it’s pointless to take dextrose if you are not on insulin…What is the best option, with whey in PWM right after training?

Depends. Did you consume any nutrition intra-workout? If you did, then I’d argue that there is no reason you couldn’t wait an hour and have a genuine, solid, meal.

However, if I was looking for a pairing with whey, oatmeal, quinoa or buckwheat would be at the top of my list.

To clarify, I’m not really sure what you’re asking, which is why I edited the title. Dextrose and whey sounds like you’re referring to a post-workout shake, but “PWM” I presume is meant to be post-workout meal. If you’re having a post-workout shake, you want fast-acting protein and carbs. Dextrose is one fast carb source, glucose is another, HBCDs are the fastest. Whey is one fast protein source, hydrolyzed casein is faster.

If you’re having a post-workout meal (which would be solid food) you’ve presumably had your fast-acting protein and carbs during the workout, so the food sources don’t matter quite as much. Just keep the fat and fiber content relatively low, include quality animal protein and a good carb source, and you’re set.

Dextrose has the same amount of calories as fructose, glucose, lactose. It also has the same amount of calories as protein. I’m not sure why that matters.

Those people are mistaken.

It has been said to me here, last time I said Im taking whey+dextrose right after training, thats why Im asking. Thanks.

Dextrose IS glucose.
HBCD is a glucose polymer that is SLOWER than straight glucose but still fast, and pulls less water into the stomach than equal calories of straight glucose.

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Honestly surprised no one has mentioned milk or water.

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Eating dry powder is all the rage now. Sublingual absorbtion bro

rice chex with whey. tastier and unless your about to do an endurance run within 30 minutes who gives a shit about extremely fast glycogen supercompensation?

just spike insulin with food and have fast absorbing aminos.

not saying that HBCD or dextrose doesnt have its place, just that in the grand scheme of things its splitting hairs PWO.

now intra workout drinks i think HBCD is best bet

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Blueberry rice Chex. Nom nom nom

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