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Best Ab Exercises? Really Necessary?


I was wondering if I could get some input back from you guys on the best ab exercises and if ab exercises are really necessary to do every time I train with my 5,3,1 program. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


Ab exercises are important. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve thru 5/3/1? It would help give better responses. Also if you need tips on good ab exercises this question has been asked before and is available if you search her and T Cell Alpha (look under "groups").


I've been doing an abundance of different ab exercises for olympic lifting, and what I've found to be the best are...

Hanging leg raises - put your arms through those ab straps, hang, and pull your knees controlled to touch your elbows. 5x10-12 works nice.

DeFranco circuit

Garhammer raises

Weighted sit-ups

Sit-ups on GHR (weighted)

Do one of these every lifting day.


I was wondering if this is a recommended ab exercise? Thanks again


Dragon flags. I do them one workout each week, and leave the rest of my ab development to complex lifts.


Good stuff when done right


Chin ups make my abs more sore than any "ab exercise"
I also like wheel roll outs and some variation of torso rotations.


i do weighted hanging knee raise's 3 x 10 with 10 kg n dragon flags ( i can only manage 4 strict ). the knee raises really brought out my lower abs .