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Best AAS for Libido?


We know that some types of AAS are good for strength, other for mass, others for leaning out.

is there anything besides basic testosterone cyprionate that's really good for cranking up the libido, I wanna feel horny everyday, and be up for sex every other day at least.


The biggest contributor to libido is DHT...so an increase there will increase your libido...this is assuming other derivatives such as estrogen and prolactin are in check, and you have good blood flow, etc.

Proviron and other DHT derivatives should do the trick.


I fap thrice daily in addition to crushing my girlfriend thrice daily on ANY dose of Masteron.

Also low Test + High Tren... I am a sex crazed predator. I'm eyeing up the seniors no joke, and I'm flying half mast or better all day long.


LOL at the above reply.

I found I was most sexually active using Test 400 a year ago. That stuff made me borderline rapist lol. Thats only from experience though, what VT said is what actually makes sense.





But keep in mind that different aas affect people differently. YMMV.


Testosterone is king...you get estrogen and DHT working with you to perfectly heighten sexual desire....Testosterone as the perfect dose will play with your mind....you start finding women you may have never thought to be desirable..now look DELICIOUS.

It's a crazy trip what TEST can do to you......It puts you into a trance and you are just ready to pork any and everything! There is "beer goggles" and then there is "TEST goggles"---- I can only imagine what mess someone would be in if they COMBINE TEST + BEER?!?!!? you may get into a situation you will highly regret once OFF.

staying away from 19nors/progestins and combining testosterone w/ DHT based hormones like masterone, proviron and halotestin will intensify your sexual appetite.

For OTC -- AndroHard v3 shoots 5a-diol & DHT levels sky high and could benefit a TRT user or recreational user.



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I am lost, what?


i remember my first cycle which was test only w/ no AI (only ran 500mg/wk).... i would literally pull my dick out of my pants to piss at a urinal and it would get bulletproof hard


I admit it, I love the out of control libido I get with Test+Masteron+Tren. But it can wreak havoc on your life. I've paid for sex (and yes I have a GF and she knows and agrees she can't keep up...), fap all the time, etc. Ridiculous. At least it made me 100% sure I'm not gay cause things can get so bad I even considered that, but nah, it just won't work :slightly_smiling:

So there you go. People here all vouch for these three in one form or another. High libido makes one feel so alive, but I wish I could turn it off too.


havent cycled yet, but took a very small dose of dbol to test it out, and was pretty f'in worked up lookin at every woman i saw in the room, definitely more than usual. Cant wait to give mast/ test/dbol a run :slightly_smiling: which is coming soon.


Masteron, proviron or tren with caber


.... Can u please tell me more about this cycle as I am going. To take test prob masteron abd trenb ace was it good or u faced problems with it how did to keep your heart up and what was your pct