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Best AAS for Libido and Sex Drive Increase?

Well, long story short, my wife found her her sex drive a few weeks ago while mine still remains hidden somewhere.

I’m on 180mg of test e TRT and would like some suggestions from you veterans on AAS that exclusively are known for increasing libido and sex drive. I would like to stay away from tren.

I was planning on doing a blast but I’m in a period in my life where I just don’t have the time and energy to give 110% in the gym so I would like to remain on my TRT dose and perhaps compliment it another compound that will give me the drive to just have sex whenever she wants.

I need something that will keep my libido and sex drive going despite all of the crazy shit going on in my personal life.

I still work out 4 times a week, an increase in strength and size would be desirable, but increasing my libido and a general boost in mood and well being is my primary goal.

Both orals and injectables are fine as long as they do the part although orals most likely have a limited time frame.

I’m open to all suggestions.

EDIT: I tried most natural supplements (maca powder, vitamins, minerals, fish oil, etc.) I don’t have a problem with getting hard and staying hard. It’s the initial stage of actually feeling the desire to have sex that is causing the problem.

Cialis doesn’t help because it does nothing for my libido and just gives me a stuffy nose.


I should probably mention that we also have a three and a half year old toddler. By God I love him but he is fucking Satan incarnate so we don’t get much leeway to just wait to get in the mood and have to seize any moment that we’re alone. Hence why I don’t have the time to ‘get in the mood’ but rather be alert and on standby at all times.

This whole situation seems kind of comical now that I read back what I wrote.

I feel you as i have exacly the same problem. My girl is up for 3-5 times a day and ever since im off a blast(5 months) i am ok with once a day at most.
All the natural shit didnt do anything for me.

On paper - people report most sex drive from Proviron and Masteron.
Sadly, none of these do shit for me either.

Anyways, you could try by starting Proviron from 50-100mg a day. If that doesnt work - you can play around with Masteron.

Believe it or not I get a small bump from daily
Cialis. Maybe it’s just knowing I’m on something idk, either way lots of benefits!

I’ve always wanted to try PT-141 and that’s available black market as well as compounding pharmacy.

I was going to say pt-141 exists… But I didn’t want to implant an idea through my advice that would condone using substances recreationally to increase sex drive to gargantuan proportions

PT-141 has been employed medicinally to treat low sexual desire, but “I can’t have sex with my partner 5x/day” isn’t low sexual desire… Some people, actually… Most people… Can’t have sex that often.

Pt-141 can’t be used daily either.

It’s quite the opposite for me. The stars and moon have to be perfectly aligned for everything to work out, from foreplay to the finishing act. I would be more than thrilled to be able to willingly perform the good deed three times a week. With that being said, I have a good looking wife and there should be nothing inhibiting me from performing except certain stressful situations at work which more or less everyone has.

That’s why I’m looking for something that I can take long ‘termish’ alongside my TRT that wouldn’t have a negative impact on my overall health. Maybe proviron does the trick, or masteron. Primo is also a DHT derivative that I could use alongside my TRT but I don’t know what kind of health impact and at what doses to use these compounds at to achieve the results I desire without fucking up my lipids/liver/heart.

Another thing that would be a welcome side effect would be if this compound could provide a sense of well being, good mood so I could drop the valium I’m currently on due to extreme stress at work.

I don’t know whether to offer my condolences or be jealous.

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Going by the fact that lower libido is a big problem for so many men, i believe condolences would be more appropriate.
It seems that men actually are not as sexual as pop culture and stereotypes make them look, and most of us suffer in silence because of that. It is believed that men always want sex, and when we actually dont want it that much after the puberty years, we are willing to do anything just to enhance our libido, because thats “what a man is supposed to be like”. It kind of sucks.


I agree with everything you wrote and you hit the nail on the head describing the stereotypical male as today’s pop culture sees us but the truth is I really do like having sex with my wife (not five times a day but a couple times per week) and I sort of consider it my duty and owe it to her as her marital partner.

So to conclude: I have no problem getting hard and keeping a hard-on. It’s the initial intimacy issue where I need help with to feel a certain arousal and to actually want to have sex before any of us even get close to each other.

It seems that the consensus is either masteron which I would inject with my TRT or Proviron. Although I don’t know how long and at what dose to take the Proviron because I don’t want it to negatively impact my internal organs (liver).

I think I read @studhammer uses a combo of test and mast for his TRT protocol and says only positive things about that combination. What would be the minimum effective dose if I were to go down that route. I’m currently injecting 180mg of test e per week as my protocol.

Have we figured out why test takes a way sex drive in some. I recently was doing more nandrolone than test and then I upped my test 200mg a week and sex drive dropped considerably.

hCG massively improved my sex drive when I added it to my regime recently.


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I feel like I get this too, when I take larger doses. Maybe it is in our heads

Empower pharmacy makes an Oxytocin nasal gel (or spray?) that you could try. Maybe that extra sense of “closeness” to your wife would help initiate things

I would start at 100/week and go from there

I’ll just throw this out there. 325 mg of Test was probably my highest libido. More so than higher dosages. Probably healthier than say 200 Test and 125 Mast. I haven’t tried Mast though, maybe it would turn me into a libido monster.

Are you taking HCG? How long have you been on some kind of external hormones?

It seems without LH & FSH or something similar in HCG, libido can often crash. HMG actually provides LH but is very expensive & HCG seems to work very well.

I’m in a similar situation - been on prescribed TRT for 7 years & in the last year my libido has become zero. Like it’s been 3 months since I even jerked off.

I’ve only had testicular atrophy in the last 12 months. Before that they were a great size! I had an ok (but not good) libido prior to the nut shrinkage

The sudden loss of libido has correlated with my nuts getting very small.

I’m trying HCG soon.