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Best 5/3/1 Template For Strength?

What in your guys opinion is the most optimal template for strength goals?

I have gotten the best bang for my buck out of the one I am currently running. Its call Volume and Strength and its in Forever.


Got great results from Pervertor. Thinking of doing one of the 5X531 next or BTM

I saw the 5x531templates and they look good. I sae the BBS templates and they look good but the 10x5 looks pretty tough

Pervertor has a BBB week, a BBS week and a SSL week in the leaders. The BBS (10X5) was really great, doing every rep perfectly helps strength alot. Sometimes when you do BBB you do the first couple reps well then the rest to get it over with.

How brutal eere the 10x5 sets?

I just finished week 3 of God is a Beast. I definitely feel like my strength is building in a good direction. I still have a ways to go…

not super hard, its FSL weight so it isnt heavy, its meant to focus and better your technique. Who cares anyway your here to train right?

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Did you try Leviathan, I was reading it and it looked really good?

I would say Widowmaker circuits. Each workout has both a PR set followed by a Widowmaker. Then, you do a prescribed assistance circuit of 5 rounds. Brutal, but fun and effective.


Interesting - I’ve just finished 2 leader cycles of Pervertor and after the anchor I’ll also be doing 5x531. Pervertor has been lots of work and lots of fun, all my lifts have gone up. Did you find it a good program?

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Coffinworm, God Is A Beast and Rhodes 5x5/3/1 has given me the best results.

Did you ever try Leviathan?

I have thought about it, but never done it. It doesnt really apeal to me😉

Out of Coffinworm and Rhodes which one did you like the most?

Also what template did you use after you did your main Rhodes 5x5/3/1 in example 5x5 FSL?

Rhodes was the absolute most fun, but Coffinworm was great as Well - even though i hate the spinal tap for loading the bar.

I did NOT use supplemental with Rhodes… this is not even a option in either the book or wendlers private forum - and you wont need it If you push the PR sets hard😁
I did Rhodes 5/3/1 for 2 leaders and 531 + 3x5 FSL for 1 anchor.

In the forever book he mentions use any of the 5x5/3/1 variations and just swap the Rhodes style out

Do whatever you feel like then :wink:

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Maybe I’m miss reading but look on pg97 paragraph 3.

Yeah im super happy. Im in my 1+ week now and today hit bench 130kg for 2 on my second joker a pr for me(never ever went above 120, tm is 119). Deadlift i pulled 210 for 3 on second joker also for an all time pr(tm 200). I still have squat and press but its looking good. I capped the 1+ at 5 reps then did two doubles for jokes.

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