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Best 5/3/1 Template for Strength & Size

I picked up 5/3/1 Forever and was thinking of doing “God Is A Beast” routine seems very good for Strength and Size.

What is your guy’s opinion on this and what do you think is the best routine for Strenght and Size in the book he mentions 5/3/1 BBB is good for size but not necessarily Strength (Strenght can be made for new trainees)

RE: strength vs size


I know what you’re saying but in his Forever book before he gives the Template he says this routine is good for strength, size or size and strength.

I’m just wondering what routine seems to be everybodys favorite?

Generally, any template can be good for size and strength. Why don’t you just run a program for a while and see how it works FOR YOU. Not everyone responds to the same volume and intensity as others, so you’ll have to use your experience to see what works best for size and strength for you.

I can say this - every single variation of 5/3/1 can make you stronger and “bigger”. For me, I tend to change things around so that I can perform better. At 6 feet tall, and 225 pounds, I can say that most of my “size” came from doing Building the Monolith (I got up to 232 from 215 in 6 weeks), but that was because of the volume of food I was consuming at the time - and that was last November/December. I’ve maintained that size while doing Krypteia, OG 5/3/1, Bodybuilding the Upper/Athlete the lower, etc… I lift only two to three days a week no matter what and condition two to three days a week as well.

So to recap - do God is a Beast, it’s a great program. Run it for a few cycles, assess how you feel and make sure you eat to grow if size is your goal. If it doesn’t work for you, you will have learned that the mix of supplemental in God is a Beast doesn’t work for you well - then try something else and see how you respond. Take responsibility for YOUR training and you’ll never have to ask these kinds of questions again.

Best of luck!

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