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Best 5/3/1 Book For Athletes?

Jim / anyone that might be able to help.

I would like to know which book is best for guys that are doing 5/3/1 to help in sports performance? Beyond or Forever?

For example I’m a rugby player and compete in judo. And I’d like info on using 5/3/1 in the on/off season to maintain and improve strength.


But if you can only choose one, go for Forever.

Tons of templates for athletes depending on your goals/ ability level/ equipment availability/ etc., and enough information and programming advice to last a lifetime.

Best value £50 I’ve ever spent.


Check out his ugss videos on YouTube, think one is called trapdoors of programming. Gives you an idea on thinking about pre and in season

online you will find free S&C programs from rugby teams and universities rugby

edit: rugbyrenegade has 531 setup for rugby