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Best 2-day Training Schedule?

Do you guys/girls know any good 2-day training schedule for mass and strenght?

Thx in advance.

You might want to check out CT’s “Part-Time Beast” It hits the total body pretty good, focusing on the big lifts.

One that has given me good results is the 2/day program in CT’s book called the Black Book of Training Secrets.

Okay thx very much for the answer’s, keep em’ coming! :slight_smile:

Salv: Was that “Part-Time Beast” ?

Oh, I’m sorry, did you mean 2 days per week training or 2 sessions per day training? If you mean twice per day training, then I was referring to a section of CT’s book that outlined a 4 week program for gaining size by working out 2x/day, for 5 days of each week.