Best 2-4 Exercises Per Body Part

I want to create a 4-day split where I can perform the best 2-4 exercises per body part to achieve:

  1. Strength
  2. Size
  3. Shape

Workout days are organized like this:


Workout and exercise suggestions appreciated. Thank you in advance.

You are completely new to lifting I take it. If so, I would suggest you drop that split in favor of 3 full-body sessions where you perform the basics. This will give you a strength foundation that will put some (hopefully a lot) of size on you and help you with further gains, once you become more advanced.

This is the standard recommendation for newbs and obviously the program you follow should be customized for your goals and current physique. For example, if you are fat you should spend some extra time doing some conditioning.

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What is the meaning of rest ?
Is it glutes or non gym day ?

Rest = no gym workout

I posted in this forum because I am 54 years old. I have been training in a vacuum since 1977.

Because of my crazy work schedule and a forearm injury that has kept me out of the gym for 6-weeks, I lost 20+ lbs. I want to regain strong shapely muscle as I put the weight back on.

I am asking for help creating and designing my new workout plan.

I have no clue how to fit the basics in a 4 way split so i prefer total body or upper, lower body formats. KISS keep it simple s…
All the best