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Best 12-15 Week Program?


Ive come to a point in life, that I need to lose about 2 pounds a week for 12-15 next weeks for surgery. I've been doing the Anabolic Lifestyle, and I love it, I don't gain weight on it, and its going to be my lifestyle diet. But I really don't wanna drop calories lower than 2000 to lose weight on it, and dont wanna deprive myself of carbohydrates and go on vacation and soak up all carbs I eat.

Has anyone had any good success with any program that had them lose some good amount of weight? some people suggested an only Raw Vegetable,Fruit,Lean meat diet..but I don't know how much better this would work than the AD>.


why not do the velocity diet or the radical diet?


yeah, thats what I'm gonna do 1 month pre-op, but I'm about 4 months away, so Ive got some time to lose some considerable amount of fat before relying on losing SO much on the velocity diet.


Does anyone think id lose better amount of weight eating nothing but fruits and lean meats for awhile?

I was thinking of trying that out for 3 weeks, if it works good, good, if not, get back into the Anabolic diet, not only will it be a fresh start, but I think itll cleanse my colon.


I am not sure how well your colon will get cleansed while still eating meat. Generally while cleansing digestive organs, one eats as light as possible. Liquid diets are often used, though sometimes raw fruits and vegetables and MAYBE raw nuts/seeds are included.

I do not believe that fruit and lean meat is going to lose you any more FAT than any other diet mentioned, and it may be a detriment to your health (sounds like fat and calories could be an issue on it) and maintaining muscle mass.

If you really do not want to drop weight with the Anabolic diet by just reducing your fat intake a little each day, and perhaps cutting your carb-up down, then I would suggest you go on the Velocity Diet twice.

Go on the V-diet once immediately for one month. Transition back into the Anabolic Diet for a month or two to maintain/lose a little, and then do the V-diet a second time just before the operation as you have planned.


very bright idea. Id just hate to put the AD lifestyle behind, I love it.