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besides for Elite..

Has anyone here pruchased a GHR that they thought was very good quality. I have used a few in the past, but they usually either have a shortened foot plate, or not enough padding on the front portion.

Please do not post to tell me that Tate sells the best GHR… my response is already: thanks for stating the obvious, I totally agree with you, no duh. That is why I own one.

I currently consult with a number of High School teams about proper training equiptment and programs, and they always bawk at laying out so much money…especially after convincing them that getting a reverse hyper is a must… especially since so many programs that I walk into have the worst Olympic lift, squatting, and deadlifting mechanics ever. So, after correcting most of those issues, I recommend a Reverse Hyper to try and undo the low-back damage…

So again: who sells a lower cost, high-quality GHR? I mean with a full foot-plate, and pretty good padding.

Thanks in advance.

You might want to check on the home GHR from elite. Its much cheaper and ships UPS ground.

Ditto what Goldberg said. I’m thinking about getting one myself.


Scott Safe makes a nice one. He has two levels. We have the base level and it’s plenty stout. All welded, full toe plate, great pad. www.safe-usa.com. Don’t think it is on their wegsite so you will have to call. Good luck.

ny barbell

thanks to everyone who has replied so far…

bangs…have you tried a ny barbell GHR?

I don’t know what model your talking about from Scott Safe, but we have 4 of them in our olympic sports facility, and they suck. I would opt getting the home GHR from elite which ships UPS and is considerably cheaper.

Landon, I have been on his older ones, and they do suck. He has made some changes and it is a much better unit. I can assure you we wouldn’t have purchased it if it sucked.

Try NY Barbell. They make some good equipment!! I read an article by Dave Tate that said a poor GHR is better than none at all. If I find it, I’ll post it.

If a poor one is better than none at all then why not just buy a good one to begin with. Ive heard bad thinks about the NY Barbell stuff. Its supposedly very cheap.


it is very low priced… and that is what makes me bawk…

have you heard anything about their racks…

Ive heard their bars are shit. They might be good for the average dude but not for a serious trainer.


i have used various ghr’s, from cheap ones like a yukon to the deluxe ones on elite. right now, in my opinion, the best option for someone tight on budget is elites home ghr version. others simply just don’t work as well, or don’t work at all.

hope that helps

We use a Sarden GHR, just started working out at this place a month ago and my hams have blown up, so I guess it’s working pretty well.