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Besides Cottage Cheese...

what other foods are broken down slowly and make good late night snacks?

Metabolic Drive with either some fish oil or any fat source is quite convenient.

almonds and eggs

Regular cheese?

I’m almost certain I read that eggs leave your stomach in 20 minutes. So, maybe not ideal for this application.

peanut butter or nuts
any protein supplement

I’d say no to regular cheese being you can’t get a lot of it in compared to cottage cheese without messing yourself up.

I’d do the eggs and almonds…eggs may leave your system fast, but the high Leucine content of eggs leave them very anabolic, and the fats from the nuts would last you into the night.

BUUUTTT I like my cottage cheese and pineapple blend and look forward to it…so I’d recommend finding a way to eat your Cottage Cheese.

I think Cottage Cheese should be added to the “SQUATS AND MILK” advice. lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Meat, I believe.

Oh, I generally manage to eat some every day just looking to diversify the nightime eating a bit.