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Bertil Fox Documentary (Uncrowned Mr. O 1983)


IMHO one of the greatest physiques in BB history, thickest chest..amazing. Bertil Fox's story is quite interesting. something to enjoy while having a meal or two.

Good lifts and growth in 2011 fellas!


Amazing physique, wow. I had heard of Bertil, but had never seen him pose.

<-- awed.




yo we get it...


After watching the first part:

What the fuck!!! 5th...


Amazing physique... I had heard of Bertil, but had never seen him posing, wow.


yup, seemed a bit shady, he looked like the winner to me. his chest is crazy as are his arms. i think after the 5th place finish he was very turned off by competition. his point about the judges is spot on, it makes no sense to have fat untrained people judge.

the longer i watch/study BB history the more in favor i am of keeping waistlines wasp thin. Bertil was thicker waisted than some, genetically/structure wise, in his era but they all had tiny waists. i'm a huge kai fan in the modern era but recognize he and others need to keep their waists small to look optimal.

totally non-related, looking forward to seeing evan centiponi on stage at the flex pro!


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Amazing physique... I had heard of Bertil, but had never seen him posing, wow.


I'm really impressed how he totally trumped Haney masswise. Yeah, Haney got bigger and bigger with the years, but that happens to anyone that holds an olympia title several times. I don't imagine how Bertil Fox would've gotten if he'd had a winning streak.

But I guess, or it's a fact that the Olympia is not just about physique. Bodybuilding has always had trouble under the other people's eyes, and having an Olympian who didn't even like people (let's not say just white, he evidently had problems) wouldn't've been the best decision.

Something doesn't come off my mind is that maybe the guy would've advanced years in the sport regarding training and maybe dieting. Makes me wanna show clips of his pressing and that strange dummbell incline curl he was doing to the advocates of tempo training and "the weight doesn't matter".


Didn't even like people? I am not sure where you got that. he had the same problem many other black bodybuilders had back then before Haney...and Haney himself has had interviews discussing this. Haney was a pioneer in that arena because before him, being black alone meant less exposure and less wins even if you were really the best. What lifter back then wouldn't have been pissed about the situation?


Well I get you X. I am aware now that it was more difficult given his context. I just would've liked very much to see him win, I'm sure something more innovative would've happened. Not because of exposure or anything, but for the ones who do this.


Beginning BB in 1980 and following even before then, I have seen plenty of evidence to the fact that the best bodybuilder is not always given the winning trophy. Racisim,favoritism, or politics, take your pick. I even judged for the NPC for a few local shows and there were few times that we (the judging panel) agreed on the scoring.


Agreed 100%. I'm not against anyone by saying this, but I think this is happening just right now.


I really enjoyed watching this, I can never seen to find these good vids when ever I search stuff on you tube Just 2 minute a montage of some random persons favorite bodybuilder with shitty music. I really need to order some good BB DVDs.
That incline curl he was doing was crazy, and the way he does his presses out of sync, where one comes down a bit before the other. I wonder whether this was just a habit or if he did it on purpose to use more weight.


I still have the old edition of Arnold's encyclopedia which prominently features Bertil in the chest and shoulder sections. I took a look at the new edition and all mention of Bertil Fox is gone.


Damn he was a monster. It gets me so angry at times seeing someone as talented and just holding a wining physique that trumps everyone... and doesn't win...


Great Doc.


In retrospect, that's the LEAST of his problems.