Berserk109 Lifting Log

Hi everyone, i’ve been training for the last year and i’m becoming stronger and athletic month over month. I started training powerlifting April 2015. My first PRs were;

Bench press 187lb
Squat 209lb
DL 308lb
Weighted dips 44lb
Weighted pull ups 33lb

All being said, this are shit PRs if we consider my height 6,45" and my BW in that days (180lb).

Now, 1 year later of more or less consistent training mi PRs are

Bench press 231lb
Squat 264lb
DL 440lb
Weighted dips 93lb
Weighted pull ups 110lb

My BW now is 196lb. (Same height). I’m happy with the results but i want to reach really harder PRs and i’m a hardgainer. Last day a powerlifter in a meet said me that weight category are height categories really. I was thinking about and i need some advice on what to do this summer, i’ve thought about doing mixed strength-hypertrophy work and put some mass on me (mass, not fat). He said if i wanted to be competitive i need to go up in weight, tall people don’t compite in 196lb BW.

Now i’m trying some low bar squat, my squat is in process… i’m trying to find my perfect stance, width, etc

Here a photo of the back yesterday after squating 231lbx3 reps;

So, i need some advice about strategy to this summer, do you think is a good approach put muscle mass and go on heavier weight?

Sorry for bad english, i’m spanish.

Exactly. Maybe you’re more competitive now @196 but you’re gonna be way more competitive in the long run when you’ll add some solid muscle.

Keep it up man, good luck!

thanks man! i think i’ll definitely put some mass in summer. Any advice for my squat? i’m searching for my technique and i i’ve felt so good low bar and 1,3 shoulder width. The squats i’ve seen differ from the width, powerful squats are much wider than mine.

I’ve been a year or so with a so closer width, 1x shoulder and high bar. My squat obviously isn’t a great thing, but if i try opening wider than 1,3 or so (current stance) my hips are not comfortable at the bottom of the movement.

Thanks guy!

Sorry, i forgot asking about the topic. I LOVE grip training, i’ve been doing some “heavy” farmer’s walk (176lb each hand) and some grip training with fatgripz, rack pulls, etc.

I’ve been thinking about adquiring the CoCs gripers, have you some experience with it or may you know someone who has?

Many thanks man!

Actually no idea where to find them. My friend played around with them for some time with pretty good results. Farmer walks are still the best :wink:

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