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Bernie Beats Bezos


I don’t believe you. You ran away as usual.

Regardless, it’s best you stop replying to my posts if you don’t want to be called out.


This is either a lie or your e-mail isn’t working or you don’t understand how the forum works. Or a combination of those.

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Something unread:

But even that is unnecessary when someone directly quotes you or tags you with @Zeppelin795 because the forum will automatically alert you by telling you how many posts you’ve been tagged/quoted in and will give you a link directly to those specific posts the next time you’re logged in/open the site.

For example, one of the alerts you received on the forum was when I quoted you six days ago. You’ve chosen not to reply to my comments there and have overlooked the questions I asked.

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What’s hilarious is that Denmark’s business freedom score is HIGHER than the US. Like I said, hilariously out of depth here. Fun for me, though.


Like Zep will understand any of what you just wrote.


Hey, we got him to use the Quote function properly, so there’s still hope.


It’s the same with Sweden. He refuses to acknowledge this. Maybe he thinks the word “freedom” means the term refers to something abstract, you know, like “love” and Ocasio Cortez’s intellect.


Which means what? I don’t reply to posts.


No it doesn’t moron. I posted the wrong study. What do you have to say about that?

And the wage rate is 100% more not 50%, so I made a mistake.

Please take your own advice.


We know.


It is NOT a lie. I’m not saying I’ve responded to EVERY email, as some are only personal attacks and are not worth responding to. Others are so bad and the answer is so painfully obvious I get tired of holding people’s hand so a response is not needed. I will check my functions to make sure things are up to date.


So this is what you attribute to the $20/hr. paid to by fast food workers in Denmark?


All the while by having a more thoroughly evil and stronger safety net. Oh the humanity!


That I’m alerted to. Big difference.


An obvious lie from a very stupid person. If there was no mention of “hamster heart model” in the “right” study, why did you assume it was and argue about the definition?

One more time. Quit covering up one lie with another or I will post your previous posts that show you are lying.


If you say so big guy


I know what I’m talking about. You don’t.

It’s that simple.

Because you are a lazy bum who has done nothing with his life and thinks reading articles on the internet is enough to understand the subject.



Here comes the deflections.



Hopefully ALL adjustments have been properly made.


What am I deflecting? You believe the wages in Denmark fast food workers has mostly to do with the business environment. I believe it has more to do with strong unions.