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Bernie Beats Bezos


Yes, this is the primary concern for pharma. It is the reason they lobbied against medicinal MJ. And it is the reason why stem cell therapy for chronic/degenerative diseases are not legal in this country. They don’t want the competition as they can’t compete. If you think that industry is going to lose billions of dollars and the power that comes with it, without a fight you are living in a parallel universe.


It’s the primary concern for the Stem Cell institute as well.


Meh, sorta accurate, but sorta not. Large companies negotiate directly with Amazon on chargebacks and discounts, for example… So they might be “our” prices, but they’re heavily influenced by Amazon’s terms / negotiations.


Eh? Same question. How does the consumer (or almost anyone really) price signal Amazon?

I was taking a pot shot at you. Jeesh.

Profit is the primary concern for all for profit businesses. Including stem cell companies.


You’re using your best W. dialect.

They don’t have to be the “go-to” treatment. The public ought to have the choice and they don’t.

They don’t have one. You can listen to the interviews of people who’ve had the treatment and Jason Upshaw will say that out of hundreds only a few haven’t gotten any benefit. But, very little if any side effects.

That flies in the face of your ideology. How is it that fast food workers in Denmark are paid so much more? I know real life examples don’t count. The only thing that counts is a study.


And what are they preventing from coming to the market in order to run a monopoly? Something you can’t understand or don’t want to as it undermines your ideology and that is what’s paramount, not the truth.


Then where is the inflation in the U.S. or Japan?

Do governments spend money prior to or after the collection of taxes?


I’m not saying that consumers or anyone else does (there are ways, though). I’m just saying prices are heavily influenced by Amazon where as in the past they were not. They’re no longer just a marketplace. They heavily influence their suppliers.

I bet George W. Bush would have known those studies were done on hamsters and not people.

You have said multiple times that it should be THE treatment. Not just an option, but the standard of care. Do you want to amend your previous statement or are you being your usual inconsistent self?

Fucking lol. This is why no one takes you seriously.

So? When people say “The earth is flat” it flies in the face of my ideology of common sense and intelligence. That doesn’t magically make them right.

I’m not about to do a deep dive into Denmark’s economy so you can ignore it.

Not that you’ll understand any of this, but here’s a start:


You are amazingly out of your depth.


I’ll be honest: I’m too stunned by your response to formulate my own.


Maybe. If his daddy told him.

Yes, I believe that it should be the S.O.C. because it works so much better than the garbage provided by pharma. And this is the reason it is being kept from the public. Why is it not a choice for the public? And talk about inconsistent. You say that you don’t care what people decide to do to themselves then turnaround and support the policies that negae that choice. Busted again!

Except those that have had the procedure done.

More nonsense from someone who doesn’t really have an answer.

And your point is? Would love to know how this justifies Denmark’s pay of $20/hr, for fast food.


So here is a list of countries and their inflation.

Notice how the U.S. is sitting with a whopping 2.10


Jealousy is an ugly thing.

Sure wish there was some empirical way we could know if it works better than current treatment options…

It’s not inconsistent at all, but the 4 neuron firing slowly in your skull don’t have the processing power to understand something beyond “Me Zep, Stem Cell Good, FDA bad.”

The people that have had the procedure take you seriously? Doubtful, even if it was successful for them.

Is so far above your head, it’s practically in orbit.

Again, you are out of your depth and I love how now the CIA factbook is a good source, lol.

Clown show, not surprised.


This is almost “hamster heart model” level of stupidity lololol.

But he’s still going to argue like how he tried to play with words of the phrase “hamster heart model” even when he knew he was wrong. He’s playing for an audience and thinks he can fool them because they won’t read the studies. Just like how he modified the conclusion of that later study.

There’s no point arguing with someone who is here to push an agenda and is willing to lie and manipulate evidence when they are not in his favor.

We don’t even need to. Anyone who has started a business, i.e has had skin in the game, knows what to look out for when it comes to comparing these stats between countries that can give us a rough idea about the current state of prices and wages.

Of course, people who only want to live off the risks taken and effort of others won’t.

Rent prices:

Corporate Tax Rate prior to 2018:






Precisely why I stopped engaging him after he didn’t reply to my last post. He’s going to end up lying in some manner or using his usual cheap little tricks like deflecting and using strawmans anyway since his objective is to spread propaganda, not discuss issues.


Already has been explained.

And wage rates are over 50% more in Denmark-at least in terms of fast food workers. Kinda makes up for the rest.

Besides why can’t the public decide how to spend their funds?


I’ll do you one better - why can’t the individual decide how to spend their funds (since, ya know, they’re the fucking one who earned it)?


I reply to every post that are alerted to me by email. I rarely go back through posts to find out if everything has been replied to. If it hasn’t been sent to my email then I probably won’t reply to it.


We know. We also know your memory is shit.


Which was either a lie or you lied about reading the study in the first place.

Please do not continue to lie as I can easily prove it by copying and posting your previous posts from the other threads.

You are completely out of your depth.

You don’t come to a conclusion simply by adding up the above numbers and subtracting them like that. It’s ridiculous to even suggest this.

I never even claimed to know what the equivalent wages would be without considering other factors such as the cost of regulatory compliance. You know balls about business and economics. Don’t pretend to know what you are talking about.

What? What kind of absurd question is this?