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Bernie Beats Bezos

Living beyond your means has very little to do with your income and everything to do with your spending habits.

I lived on $9 an hour when I dropped out of college and moved 800 miles away from home. It necessitated living in a shitty apartment in the bad part of town, having a roommate, working lots of overtime and a little bit of booze, but I got it done. Less than a year later I got promoted twice and was making almost $18 an hour, which I got in no small part because of all the overtime I worked and performed well with.

Just show up to work and you’ll probably be fine.


I’m forgenst it.

What Mercedes dealer is giving someone on welfare enough credit to buy one of his cars? What bank is giving someone on welfare a mortgage for a half million dollar home? I don’t see Walmart employees pulling into the parking lot with BMWs, MBs or Cadillacs. Poor people live beyond their means because that’s the only way they can live.

And if you were a single mother how would that have worked out?

Read some more on this, turns out only the hamsters were bumped up to $15 per hour.

(I know you guys are talking about other shit now, but I think every zep thread needs hamster jokes).


Well I suppose it would have started with hormone blockers back in the 7th grade, along with a basket full of mental health issues. I probably would have messed around with the wrong guys before I found one who was okay with me having a penis. After finding the right man and raising a dog together we would probably adopt a minority child and virtue signal all about it on social media.

I think it would have worked out pretty damn well. I think I’d be a great mother. Thanks for asking.


It doesn’t have to be Mercedes to be out of someone’s means

Same to the dollar amount home

That’s true of some poor people. Absolutely in no way reflective of all, nor most

Here’s an example of how poor people I have known manage their money.

Get tax “refund” check for $6000. Buy a vehicle for $6000.

Immediately go out and get a title loan for $1600 so they can have some play money.

Pay the loan company something in the neighborhood of $3000-$4000 on said loan in the next nine months, and somehow manage to not pay off the loan.

Fall behind in payments.

Loan company repossesses the vehicle. Drive in-law’s car for two months.

Get tax “refund” check. Repeat.

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You moron, it was a hamster pay raise MODEL. The pay raise was actually applied in humans.


Can’t wait to see this go on for another 500 posts.



Where did I defend Bezos? I could give a fuck about Bezos. I’m not gonna just sit by and let your bullshit go unchallenge, fucktard.

You know what, nevermind. I already know the answer will be stupid.

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I’ve been to a couple of places that wanted to pay in hamster pellets!

So is this justification to pay others poverty wages?

So why wasn’t this done sooner?

When you know you are beat rely on bad humor.

When they have NO real answer.

So did this happen to the majority of Bezos workers? A net decrease or increase?

So the richest man in the world paying starvation wages is okay?

Talking to yourself again?

Again, when you have NO answer apply bad humor.