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Bernie Beats Bezos


Do you understand the meaning of sarcasm? It is not my fault that you are too uneducated about these things to not have gotten it since everyone else did. I don’t have to back away from anything I did not proclaim to be fact.

Don’t start this game with me again, zep. You will lose and look stupid as usual. I already let you off by not pursuing the previous exchanges which you ran away from.

Carry on with this and I will not just be retorting in jest anymore.


I’m going to be nice.

@dt79 pointed out that Manning was on steroids, GH and other PEDs on top of the supposed stem cell treatments. Which is known.

My attempt at humor was attempting to attribute the side effects of AAS to “stem cells”. The joke being that likely most of his accelerated recovery was due to PEDs.

I was not attributing acne, gynecomastia, prostate enlargement etc… to stem cells. It was a joke. There’s a reason I don’t tell those for a living. Sorry it was over your head.



He either has a pituitary defect or the dude has been using A LOT of GH.


Wait, maybe stem cells made Dave Palumbo develop Palumboism!hqdefault


Then I can assume that every other football player who is on steroids would get the same accelerated recovery?


And I’m asking you if it means that it was certainly done on hamsters. The phrase, not the study.


Everyone that receives a benefit from stem cells are not on keto. THE POINT, was that there are a ton of potential factors as to why the stem cell treatment worked. It could be a combination of diet, drugs, stem cells, radiation, etc… It could be placebo.

CONTROLLED STUDIES are required to determine if the treatment itself is effective.

This is typical of you, though. You see one factor and act as if it exists in a vacuum. That is not how life works.

You still won’t admit you were wrong? Jesus, dude.

You’re an idiot.

Sure, I’m proud of using my brain. Try it some time.

Based on testimonials from the company that sells the treatment. Derp.


Yes, a DOCTOR with YEARS OF MEDICAL TRAINING should lose their license because one of his patients disagrees with his assessment.

Again, dumb. Disingenuous and dumb. Keep fighting this boogeyman if it makes you feel better, though.

You STILL think the studies you posted were done on people when it was very clearly shown they were conducted on hamsters.

The only thing I’m mildly embarrassed about is continuing to argue with a fucking moron.

One of the dumbest things you’ve ever written. Bravo.

It was a joke, simpleton.


No, since we don’t know exactly what it does biologically, we should figure that shit out before selling it as a viable treatment option, dipshit.

Getting in the way of proof that they work.

Just stop with this, Jesus.

Prove the stem cell industry provides more positive results than the multi-billion dollar pharma industry. Can’t wait for this.

Jesus fucking Christ…



Not to speak for Drew, but… correct. ActivitiesGuy, dt79, and myself have explained that. Multiple times. Very plainly.

Zep, it’s to the point that I’m going to have to interpret your posts regarding this point as deliberate trolling, which means they’re unnecessary and don’t need to be posted.


And it was corrected. Something you fail to mention. As the wrong studies were posted.




What are you talking about?

Every post that ever referred to a hamster study model referred to animals, not people.


He’s just dodging and going around in circles hoping an audience will be distracted enough to think he isn’t stupid enough to mistake a hamster study for a human one.

We went through it in this very thread.


It doesn’t look like they treat cancer or any other disease where radiation is the primary treatment in the US.

Apologies, I forgot I have to use crayons with you.


Just thought I’d drop this here, again:


Considering people have reconstructed full ACL/MCL tears and are playing the most violent sport that isn’t hockey again in 6 months… yes.


Using this standard, Redwall is clearly a book about people.


I found my crayons.

Definition of animal model

“an animal sufficiently like humans in its anatomy, physiology, or response to a pathogen to be used in medical research in order to obtain results that can be extrapolated to human medicine”


“Taking advantage of the trophic effects of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and using a hamster heart failure model , the present study demonstrates a novel noninvasive therapeutic regimen via the direct delivery of MSCs into the skeletal muscle bed. //”

"Stem Cell Secrets Exposed" Video

Branch Warren recovered from a QUAD TEAR in 6 months and took part in the Arnold Classic without any visible atrophy of the injured quad .


Everyone drink.


Hey, don’t start knocking Redwall now. I freaking loved those as a kid.

Also, I am truly amazed at how many topics in PWI end up talking about Stem Cell Treatment. Arguably the most common recurring theme in this forum even over the President, International Relations, Domestic affairs, liberalism, conservatism…ya know, politics and world affairs type stuff…

Potentially even more amazing is that I have yet to actually learn anything productive about Stem Cell Treatment after all that discussion. What a ride.