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Bernie Beats Bezos


Obviously, Goldstein has an IQ below 60.


No but I hear ster… uh stem cells can cause HPTA shut down, prostate growth and all sorts of terrible things.

It just occured to me I could smuggle steroids in bottles labeled “stem cells” and nobody would ever test them because they know stem cells are bunk. Haha


MIT Review sub 60 IQ the lot of em


Oh, look at that, profits are getting in the way of fact…


Alright, that’s it. I’m tossing all my stem cells. Luckily I got them from China. The Blue Tops are probably underdosed anyway.


This is part of what you implied. That there may be other treatments causing the positive benefits. Not the stem cells. Science needs to be sure of the cause of the benefits, meanwhile people have to suffer.

YOU think hamster model is only tested on hamsters.

Again, more suffering. Bravo, for defending the policies of the very industry you claim to be indifferent about. However you defend them any chance you get, helping to contribute to the public’s suffering. You must be so proud.

The vast majority do. What treatment works on 100% of the people it’s tried on?

They have worked with several American University’s. And they have conducted there own clinical trials. I am unsure if the results are yet published. I was actually chosen for the clinical trial but was kept from participating by a dipshit American doctor who didn’t believe in it but had faith in the garbage drugs from pharma. He ought to have his medical license taken away.

Yes it is. You have several times noted that the Stem Cell Institute makes a profit and have related that if they have done it, it must be okay for pharma. How stupid. Just goes to show that you don’t even understand the fundamentals.

Happens all the time. And you are obviously embarrassed by it. However, it is what your ideology demands if you are to make it viable. Deny the truth.

Yes, I’m sure most people on here say the same thing. They volunteer and donate to charities. But somehow the problems still exist. Something isn’t working. You claim to help others while simultaneously bellowing stupid arguments that help them to suffer. Being against Medicare-For-All , which is supported by the majority of the public and also approving of the monopolistic behavior of the pharma industry.


Then you’re not looking in the right places. Has the Stem Cell Institute ever used radiation therapy? And what if radiation therapy had anything to do with it? Why shouldn’t the public have a choice?


Must only be Manning, huh?


Yep that is the reason. Gawd, you’re stupid.


And what about all of the other people who’ve had stem cell work done? Did they develop acromegaly? And your proof that Manning has it? Oh you don’t have any so just make it up.


Lolololol how are you still going on acting like you didn’t fuck up a hamster study.

Vaccines have a much higher success rate than stem cells. Just an FYI


Any proof or did you just make that up?


Peyton Manning’s reported stem cell therapy has not been proven to work.*

It’s just that he has one of his best seasons ever, after the “unproven” treatment.


I need some clarification here, do you still think the study was done on humans and not hamsters???

This is amazing, I’m honestly shocked.


You dumb fuck. Anyone with an IQ high enough to bark would be able to tell I was being sarcastic. GH causes acromegaly, not stem cells.




We don’t really know what exactly what it does, biologically.”

In other words, people may be getting positive benefits but since we are not exactly sure, keep this as a non-option.

Getting in the way of positive benefits? Another example of you not understanding fundamentals. Equate all profit as the same. Monopoly profits from the pharma industry are the same as any profit. So a multi-million dollar industry that produces positive results for the vast majority of those who’ve tried the therapy is the same as the multi-billion dollar pharma industry that produces mediocre results, at best. Because their primary goal is money, not results. Any wonder why they have the most lobbyists in D.C.? Oh, they are probably doing this for fun not a return on investment.


So what of your post? Are you backing away from it?


This has already been corrected some time ago.

Does saying “hamster model” mean that it was done on hamsters or that a particular study may have used that model as a framework?


LOL at your dodge.

I’m asking you. Do you still think it was done on hamsters???


Dude, it was “corrected” in the sense that it was undeniably, hands-down, without a shadow of a doubt shown that you were wrong about that study.

Seriously, you really need to accept that, move on, and not try to defend it again. You’d have better luck trying to argue that Lincoln was America’s first President.