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Bernie Beats Bezos


That’s why if the data set is small enough I just yank out copies to play around with.

Fucking with SQL in a production environment is terrifying.


One bad query away from a pink slip.


I’ve gotten pretty good with it - but even the more advanced SQL nerds I work with have that terror - probably whey they’re all squirrely and gaunt

Full time SQL developers/code developers are fucking weird (the ones I know anyway) - I love em, they’re good people, but they’re essentially Gollum in the real world…probably from all the anxiety for fuckin’ around with DBs all day

I fondly recall the times some shit got fucked up and the sheer panic of just about everyone … data is everything now-a-days man … I’m glad I’m in the position I am tbh … nestled right in the middle of business and IT


At the mortgage company I worked at they replaced the head of IT with one of the owners son in laws. He could essentially write a single line case statement.

When he gave me domain admin rights so I could move some dbs off a server we were decommissioning he said ‘so no pressure, but we don’t have anyone else in the company that can code in SQL, so if you break something we’re gonna have to hire a vendor to fix it. Have fun’

Fucking. Terrifying.

Especially since I started in the acct Dept. Those IT invoices gave me sticker shock and it wasn’t even my money.


See, this is why I stick to my pivot tables.


Fun fact. My client at work has a spreadsheet they ‘adore’ that was put together by a past vendor of theirs. Because they love it so much, I’m forced to maintain/refresh it (it’s rolling 2 years of global sourcing for this client).

It was put together using roughly 2.3 million iferror(vlookup formulas and roughly 80 pivots.

Refreshing it once a month bricks my computer for 5-6 hours.


This is where something like Python would come in handy … holy shit




We had one of those and it was the business case for why we needed to move to a more robust analytics tool. The person who updated the sheet left and nobody knew how to do it. We used PowerBI to come close, but she was doing a lot of data cleanup that nobody knew about.

That’s basically where I’m at and I love it.


Boy…this thread escalated quickly.


Did you get to the part where Zep compares himself to Jesus?


It has it’s benefits for sure … I like the intellectual rigor it provides … I’m challenged everyday to interpret what the sleeze balls on the business side try to communicate, flip it into something that is doable by the confines of our data and test it out in the code/experiments. Then I get to work with the eggheads in IT to package it up into something deliverable and scalable … Now I’m about to start a new position where I THEN get to sell it back to the sleezeballs to use


Like Keto, right? So everyone who receives benefits from stem cells are on Keto? And this is the reason. Or maybe these people who are getting the benefits are all on different things and it is those things that are working? Think about your contention, then think about how stupid it is. Anyone with an IQ above 60 can tell the common denominator is stem cells and they are the cause of the positive benefits.

So you continue to say you know that ALL profits are not the same, but defend the monopolistic policies of pharma. So say something and then practice the opposite in real life. Hypocrite, anyone? A truly brainwashed fool. You help to make others suffer with your ridiculous blind ideology.



A) You think hamster model = tested on humans…
B) The entire point of having controlled trials is to ensure, as best as possible, that the thing being tested is what is causing the effect and not some other underlying mechanism (like placebo).

Then why doesn’t everyone respond to Stem Cell therapy? Also, the results should be easily replicable in a controlled study. Where are the Stem Cell Institutes corroborating studies?

That isn’t even remotely what I’ve said or done.

You; however, continue to hold the Nordic countries up as the standard for single payer/medical for all while ignoring a significant reason said entitlements are affordable there is because one of the largest industries in those countries and sources of GDP is “Big Pharm”.

Not what has happened in this thread or any other I’ve been a part of.


Should I point out yet again how much I do to help others while you do literally nothing to help others?

Do us all a favor and take another hiatus from posting.


So not you.


Every single positive study I have seen has involved radiation therapy in conjunction with Stem Cell treatment.



But… but… Peyton Manning!!!





Those were delivered to his wife…they weren’t his…come on


Wtf the dude developed acromegaly from stem cells?!! Do they cause Palumboism too?