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Bernie Beats Bezos


Ya… Luckily I work for a company that controls a pretty large percentage of our market and I don’t think it would make sense for Amazon to try and take it over. We also spend gobs and gobs on data ourselves and have some pretty neat tracking/analysis tools through Power BI (which is a legit awesome tool).


Good luck. Amazon can eat just about anybody if they want to. They truly want to be “the everything store”.


I think we’ll be fine because we don’t make replicable widgets. Our strength is in our IP.


Oh, you simple mind :wink:

Power BI is alright - Tableau is better in terms of advanced analytics goes. Power BI is good for more traditional business functions and visualizations…


Love me some tableau (that’s what our BI tool is) but PowerBI has hella simplistic integration if you host your data on a MS azure cloud server.


I’m not gonna learn how to use Tableau… Next thing, you’ll want me to write code.



I don’t actually use our data for my job. I just look at it from time to time to see what products are doing well. I wish I could share more because some of you guys would probably find it very interesting.


Have you ever tried Qlik? Knocks PowerBI out of the water. Trade off is it’s more expensive.

I work for a company that does just that, it’s a similar value prop that S4 Hana is going for


You can learn how to create a Power BI dashboard in like 12 minutes…


Do you guys use the paid version of BI? We have like a dozen paid accounts, but like a thousand free accounts.


Whoever you have that does the actual developing probably uses the full version. You can get 95% of the way there on the end user side with the free version.


I’m in consulting, so we do whatever the client wants :slight_smile:


Yea, I was just being a snob haha … There’s nothing wrong with it … I’m a right tool for the right job kinda guy … I love Azure and it’s possibilities … very much like their Analytics suite

Bruh, don’t you know writing code is way better for a pivot table than Excel??

I haven’t, heard it’s legit though - I’m about to switch jobs back to a place that uses SSMS, Tableau and Alteryx - plus I am learning Python and R on the side as a hobby


My issue with PowerBI (I admit I don’t have a ton of use with it) is how obnoxious it is to link a 3rd party data source that runs side by side with your integrated data source.

And it’s Microsoft, so a base part of me rebels against it.




That’s my experience with a lot of Microsoft products wrt 3rd party data . .it’s clunky and not built well for that type of use. I find Microsoft products are great for cleaning and manipulating but not so much for wrangling…


No love for COGNOS? Nobody likes having to learn SQL just to get a couple results?


Depending on the data base, query and criteria, “just to get a couple resutls” in SQL can end up being fucking 500 lines of code


At that company they let green analysts have access to the live database! Until I’m like: “what if a newbie does and inter join on two fields that shouldn’t be?”

Response: “uh then the whole thing would crash.”

“Maybe let the analysts work a day behind in the test environment then.”


Mother of God…

Maybe b/c before I started using SQL I had a pretty decent, high level overview of data structures and the underlying implications of a bad join, but when I first started deploying queries and pulling my own data I was scared shitless I’d blow the whole thing up…

EDIT: not going to lie … that fear is still there if I’m not familiar with the table/db