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Bernie Beats Bezos


If so, his intelligence is far greater than I had thought.


You don’t need to have average intelligence to lie and manipulate lol. Have you ever interacted with heroin addicts and street hustlers in a really shitty part of town? Some are borderline retards but they somehow are smart enough to stick to their stories. You would, however, need to have average intelligence to do it convincingly.


You don’t get to claim the moral high ground over anyone.


Disparaging and spinning a narrative that 18 million healthcare workers are responsible for “causing suffering and death” to justify them taking a 40% percent pay cut .

Stop pretending to speak for “The Public”. You don’t give a shit about anyone other than yourself.

So far all you’ve shown is disdain for their intellect, the willingness to manipulate information and evidence to fool them and having absolutely no qualms about slandering a large segment of the workforce to justify them taking a 40% pay cut just so you can get more free stuff.


I mean, anything is greater than nothing, right?


unless there’s such a thing as negative intelligence? Like our intelligence decreases when we talk to him … (which legitimately might be a thing with clown shoes)


Jesus, don’t scare me with this. Karma!


I’m starting to think Jimmy Fallon is funny. This is not good.


Shit, next you’ll be telling us you cried with Jimmy Kimmel


On Nov. 1st Amazon workers had their pay raised to $15/hr. No more government subsidies just to survive. I was told by one of the posters here that Amazon pays well at all levels. Really? Is that why some of their employees had to get government subsidies? Medicaid, food stamps and housing assistance. Then I showed that Amazon workers get paid less than the average U.S. warehouse worker. Never heard back from the brainwashed right-winger. Hopefully he crawled back to his world of make-believe where evidence has no effect and his world is governed by beliefs.


Many of their workers still need govt subsidies. 15/hr is still easily in welfare range if you have children.

They pay better than most of the other companies in the country. Yes, at all levels.

That is not accurate. It’s cute though.

Nah I’m right here. This ‘right winger’ is still a good deal more informed than you :wink:

Also, it caused a significant number of people to see a SMALLER paycheck, and ruined the chance at higher wages for many more skilled employees in the future.


Hey you’re back. How are you feeling?

How’s the work from home doing? Rearranging my wife’s plant room today so I can consult 1099 from home part time.

So you’re mad that Amazon is paying people $15? I’m confused. They start people at $12/hr for FedEx warehouse workers around here. The only people willing to work for that wage are immigrants right off the boat with no language skills and people who are legit mentally handicapped. And Pittsburgh is one of the cheapest labor markets in the country.

Amazon paid $15/hr to get better people so they can maintain standards. They didn’t do it because they were making too many profits or because they’re bleeding hearts.


What kinda work are you doing?


I laid off everyone who works for the US segment of this company (rest of the multi billion $ company is doing fine) because they lost all their customers and got sued. I sold all their equipment and working on selling their properties. They’re going to pay me $2k a month (tried to get $4k, no dice) to answer their mail, calls, emails, pay their lawyers and file their taxes. I might have to testify at the arbitration as well. There are reasons they need the US corporation to keep existing. So this gig might last a year only, or maybe 5.

In the meantime I’m considering selling commercial real estate and maybe other side gigs like flipping cell phones or buying ad space online.

I might even see if I can’t be a grim reaper consultant and close more businesses. Other than the crying people it wasn’t that hard. I helped them all get severances and new jobs, so that part was cool.


They still have any welding machines laying around out there?


Had 5 Miller brand 480V 3 phase welders. Old school from the 80’s. Sold them all to Sky Oxygen. He was selling them to Votecs around the area. I guess all the new ones are portable 120V for the gas crews.


Nah. They just like selling those little ones cause the profit on them is massive. They end up in a dumpster or someone’s garage before too long.

The older transformer based machines are incredibly reliable and durable. Probably weigh about 400 lbs. a piece though. Tech schools love them because they’re bomb proof.


I’m walking on sunshine…


It’s been a few days so lets just pretend the entire thread didn’t happen and start from the same flawed talking points.



Also, what a lot of people don’t understand or aren’t aware of, is how Amazon treats their suppliers. To put it mildly, they are difficult to work with and nickle and dime you to death.


By forcing you to use their product catalogue, tracking all that sweet data and then taking that business over when the margins look good enough and undercutting the vendors they got all that data from.