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Bernie Beats Bezos


I got sucked back in too… fml.


That’s the same thing. Duh?

I would pay considerably more. All taxpayers would. You would not because you’re not a taxpayer



Yes and other countries pay less for the same thing, like healthcare. Ring a bell?


Yes, a guy who has been struck down with a disease is a leech. Karma may find you.

Of course it is as it doesn’t fit your ideology. Too bad the majority of studies say otherwise. But truth has no effect on the cult of capitalism.


And what people in the U.S. are always told is that a more robust welfare system cannot work. This is evidenced by idiots like Paul Ryan who want to privatize social security. The Scandinavian model proves otherwise.

So if telling the truth is “spinning a narrative” so be it. Your foolishness is on display here for all to see.

Is Bernie espousing socialism or social democracy? I don’t ever remember him saying he wants
the people to have control of the means of production.


Another Fuck You I got mine mentality. Your morally bankrupt ideology is on it’s way out and you’ve lost. So go back and nestle in your cocoon so you can feel safe when the sky falls.And this is a reallocating of money. If this plan wouldn’t be adopted it would cost $34 trillion over 10 years. So more. It may cost the public more in taxes but since they won’t be paying premiums and other things any longer it would be a net savings.

It may be more in taxes but less overall.


According to Bernie Sanders himself, you are wrong.

Overall goes up with single payer. Per capita goes down. Repeat it until you memorize it.



This response, like so many of your responses, has literally ZERO to do with you calling me greedy and me pointing out I think people LIKE ME should have to pay for our own daycare.

As to the point you think you are making, they do not. This has been explained ad nauseam to you.

You aren’t a leech because you ended up with an incurable disease. You’re a leech because you refuse to help yourself. You refuse to do anything except bitch on the internet. You are a victim. AND you want everyone else to take care of you, which we already do and you STILL complain about it post after post. In short, you’re an ungrateful asshole.

Karma is non-sense. If I get MS it’ll be because I drank the water on Camp camp Lejeune not because I’m a meanie on the internet to you.

No, it’s illogical because you’re paying for the healthcare of tens of millions of more people. It’s illogical because government programs aren’t cheaper, like ever. It’s illogical because we have a baseline, Medicare, which costs us a shit ton per recipient and nowhere, even on the extreme left, have I seen anything resuming a real analysis that says broadening the pool will decrease the per person cost enough to actually save money in total. Pretty much everyone except you understands it will cost more than the status quo.

You’re just plain wrong.

Oh, look, a dumb label that makes no sense what so ever. Standard Zep post.

You’re on some good drugs if you think you tell the truth and everyone else is lying.

True for you that’s for sure.

What in the fuck is this response? This is painful at this point.

YOU want to take what others earn and give it to people that DON’T DO A GOD DAMN THING. Your “ideology” is the morally bankrupt one.

Oh look, broken records is wrong again and again and again and again.



Dodging and deflecting again. Denmark is capitalist. You cannot deny this. Which means you are LYING YOUR ASS OFF every time you claim to be against capitalism.

You should have stuck with Bernie’s narrative. It’s not like you display even a hint of honesty yourself.

I have never denied that Denmark has more welfare than the US. How about quoting me where I’ve stated this.

AND you’re still LYING trying to paint me as the evil guy who’s against welfare after you tried to do it before and it backfired.

I told you. It’s very easy for me to dig up your older posts.

Don’t try to spin another story by attempting to play with words. Social democrats do not call themselves socialists. There are multiple difference between him and social democrats which were covered in the previous threads in exchanges you were a part of, even expressing agreement at his support for a Marxist-Leninist socialist government. If you continue to lie, I will post ALL of them here.

In addition to that, YOU refused to link the source to a quote because the author claimed “social democracy is not democratic socialism” and attempted to deflect from this when I called you out by spinning the story that I was calling him a degenerate because I was against welfare.

Wow the fucking lies. Lies to cover up previous lies. Every single post.

Pathetic. Disgusting and pathetic.




Their cost of living is higher. Their taxes are higher. Their base income is higher, but their disposable income is the same because they’re taxed to death. They rely heavily on Big Pharm to pay for their entitlements (I guess it’s okay for the Danish Capitalists to kill people for profits because they have more entitlements, derp) and if you got your way that would end anyway leaving them decimated and unable to pay for shit. They also rely heavily on trade

If any of that changes, like not using oil for example, their safety nets are unaffordable. Huge shocker, they don’t even spend 2% on NATO defenses because they rely on the US for protection SAVING BILLIONS by doing so. Oh sorry, forgot who I was talking to, that means they have more money to spend on entitlements. Hopefully that connected the dots enough for you.

Fuck you.

Unicorn shit.


His claim is that the savings from not paying premiums and out-pocket costs will more than cover the increased taxes. This line of thinking has been completely dismantled. Bernie’s plan would have to have predicted the cost almost perfectly (lol) and even then the saving is almost nothing. If you increase one variable, like not reducing payout to healthcare professionals by 40 fucking percent, and his budget is completely blown and it costs more.

All of us, in reality, understand it will cost more. I don’t even know why he tries to push this narrative. The benefit of single-payer is not cost savings. It’s coverage for all. Further, like half of the forum has agreed consideration of a government option makes like a bagillion times more sense, but he’s a radical lefty moron so here we are.


It’s entirely possible that he doesn’t consider money that is taken via taxation to be income, I think. A lot of things could be much cheaper if you adopt that line of thinking


It wouldn’t surprise me if he thinks the earth is flat and Bigfoot is real.


It would surprise me.


Good point.


Doubling all individual and corporate income taxes would not be enough to pay for Sander’s plan, which includes a reduction on payments by 40% and steep cuts to drug prices and admin costs.

Doubling taxation would not be enough, let that sink in. For those of us that pay taxes that’s simply mind-boggling.

*by over 40%


He’s playing dumb and lying his ass off.


I don’t think he’s playing.


Lol. Let me rephrase that.

He’s pretending to be a little dumber that he already is.