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Bernie Beats Bezos


To be blunt, I think he cares soley about himself, wants any and every treatment for his MS regardless of it’s efficacy because he’s desperate (which is understandable) and could give a fuck about the medium to long term ramifications of his ideology because it won’t effect him.

He uses “The People” as his moral high ground to mask his greed.


He said his own FAMILY doesn’t believe he has MS. If he’s not lying about this part, it would show how much of a dishonest person he must be for them to distrust him to this extent. I mean, what the fuck? If I said I had caught a mutated strand of ebola from a street busker’s monkey one day, my wife may actually believe it.


Right and like with every conversation on here, it’s not him it’s them.


Cost the American taxpayer more or the government? And who pays more? Care to cite the Sanders plan that says it costs more?


Ya @pfury site the plan you already discussed at length with him again, please…



Your Fuck You I got mine mentality is fading and will end up on the trash heap of history. Hopefully with selfish pricks like you.

What some of the taxation on Danes pay for. Healthcare, college and so forth.


And you continue to live in a fantasy land.

So this is the reason why the Danes have such a strong safety net? Is pharma into killing and making the Danish public suffer like here in the states?

And again you have no real answer. Why don’t you go back to your cocoon nd stay nestled in your ignorance.


Sure dude. If I didn’t address YOUR bullshit it is because the answers are so painfully obvious. I get tired of holding your hand, especially because you’re impervious to the truth and evidence.


Because YOU think it’s cheap and pathetic does that mean it’s so. Of course, because it’s TRUE and you wouldn’t want the truth to be told when it goes against your narrative.

Is that why Danes don’t mind paying more in taxes and are typically happier than most countries?

The “healthcare” industry is a monopoly, keeping treatments from coming to the market as they don’t want the competition. This is the reason pharma lobbied against medicinal MJ and as far as I know are continuing to do it today. Causing suffering and death to the public. Are fast food chains having this direct effect?

But it wouldn’t work in the U.S. Better to treat these people like 2nd class citizens.

Sounds like you and your ilk. Just a different ideology.


But the evidence does support it. Where is all the empirical evidence for medicinal MJ? If we would have followed the policies you support it never would have happened. And the result would have been more suffering and death. But you can’t admit that for obvious reasons but it’s true. It is the corporations that bribe politicians and government officials to protect markets for them to keep out competition. And that IS the problem. But again, this is not something you can admit to as it conflicts with your economic and political narrative. You are allergic to the truth.


Because there is NO support for single-payer. Just every modern nation has it and it works so much better than the garbage we have now.

Yeah all those people who believe in higher taxes and a stronger safety net. It has been proven to work in a lot of countries like the Scandinavians.

Maybe you can do what I’ve asked before, stop sucking your own dick for a few minutes today. Can you do that?


Like less of an expense with better outcomes.

Says the guy whose ideology is all about GREED.


Because they are absolute scumbags. And there is a special place in hell for these phonies. I was so dishonest my sister called me up, prior to diagnosis when I was able to work, and asked to borrow 5k for a potentially impending divorce. I said yes. She never did borrow the money as she reconciled with her douchebag of a husband. But the point is, I was there for her. What did she do for me in my greatest time of need? Absolutely NOTHING! Some people have good family members and others have incredibly selfish ones who call themselves Christians. A total embarrassment of the religion.


And sometimes that’s the way it is.




You’ve never been right in your entire life


I pay 30k a year in daycare and my “ideology” says I should have to pay for it and not society.

So greedy of me. You’re a god damn moron.


For leeches like you.

Unproven and illogical


Says the dumbass that still won’t admit his gold standard study was done on hamsters.


Here I am wasting my fucking time, again.


Another dodge, deflection and lie.

Denmark is capitalist. Whether it has more welfare or not does not change this fact. You KNOW Denmark is capitalist and not socialist but you keep dodging and deflecting by bringing up their higher welfare because you would not be able to attack capitalism if you acknowledged this fact in the argument.

THIS is what is called “spinning a narrative”.

At least Bernie is smart(and dishonest) enough to keep going with his narrative that Denmark is socialist. That’s why he can attack capitalism. Or else he would have to settle for attacking CORPORATISM like everyone else including republicans, and screaming about how unfair that people like some in this forum earn more money than others and let go of his ideology because the only real socialist countries he can bring up would be like VENEZUELA. That’s not enough to sway his voters.

YOU can’t because you have already admitted that the Nordic countries aren’t socialist in another thread. You are just as dishonest as Bernie but you are fucking dumb.

Cheap and pathetic.

This isn’t even an argument. Stop grasping at straws. I, for example, would love to work in a less urbanized place with a less fast paced lifestyle than where I live and would be happy paying higher taxes if I can maintain the same amount of, or even slightly less disposable income. If i moved to Denmark it would have nothing to do with their welfare which I don’t even care for.

Now, this is where I differ from you. Unlike you, I have the integrity not to use such a flimsy example which I don’t even believe in to make my case to sway people emotionally. But you think nothing of doing it because you have no morals nor integrity.

Another example of “spinning a narrative”.


The doctors, nurses, paramedics, psychologists, hospital receptionists, rehab workers, speech therapy workers, vocational therapists, child counselors, nutritionists…

These aren’t healthcare professionals? You put all of them in the category that causes “suffering and death” just to push your agenda?

You are pathetic. Beyond pathetic.

The same people who are also mostly reasonable individuals but don’t have the time nor inclination to dig deep into the actual facts and statistics to come to their own conclusions.

Just like those looking for the benefits of stem cells from research. And you have no qualms about manipulating the results of a study to fool them.

Sorry zep. From your constant lies in this forum, you simply cannot expect anyone to believe you. Their words would be more reliable to any reasonable person until proven otherwise.