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Bernie Beats Bezos


These aren’t studies, Jesus Christ.


Which jobs did you contact that told you a smartphone and head-gear were mandatory? Did you look at any data entry-type jobs or anything that doesn’t require phone skills? There are tons of options here.

This is genuinely good to hear. No joke, if you share some details about what you’re doing, we might be able to help out some way.

I understand that, and it sucks. But the fact remains you have the energy to make dozens and dozens and dozens of posts every week online. I do believe you could channel that time and energy into something financially productive.

Nope. That’s like me saying I’m not allowed to get the car I want because the automotive industry is run for profit. Exact same principle. Allowed has absolutely nothing to do with it.


They asked 3,000 people and barely got to 51% fucking lol.


You’re incredibly ignorant.

Another hilariously stupid response from someone that hasn’t the faintest clue what he’s talking about.

You’re a god damn moron. What the fuck is fast food work in Denmark, socialism? No, it’s fucking capitalism, dumbass.


Denmark taxation, awesome

5% for healthcare, fucking ridiculous.


“This thoroughly modern market economy features advanced industry with world-leading firms in pharmaceuticals” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha



Here ya go shit for brains


Says who?


And you have legitimate studies that say single-payer is not possible or will cost more? Maybe the Mercatus study can help you?


Thanks for the info. Will check them out.

No there is nothing anyone on here can do. It is out of my hands.

You’re wrong. The “healthcare” industry is a monopoly and is run mainly to get that R.O.I. So treatment that threatens that model will be delayed or struck down any chance they get. It is the main reason they spend so much time and money lobbying for their interests. And the revolving door between industry and the government agency designed to watch out for their “business” practices and protect the public is a sad joke.


Bernie Sanders plan says it will cost more


So what do you get from that taxation? It has a bearing on your disposable income. For example if you are paying more in taxes but THAT is paying for healthcare. Then you wouldn’t be paying monthly premiums. Does it save you money? Or maybe they should just follow the lead of America?


The Danes enjoy a high standard of living, and the Danish economy is characterized by extensive government welfare measures and an equitable redistribution of income. Hahahahaha!


While this may be a step in the right direction do you honestly think it makes up for all the suffering caused by the pharma monopoly?


Scroll up.

I sure as shit don’t pay 5% of my household income on premiums, but folks in Denmark get that shit taken right out if their paycheck.

If I have kids I pay for daycare, novel concept. So on and so forth.

People like you want everything given to them off the backs of others. Its disgusting and pathetic.

Jesus Christ, dude. You are a broken record playing the worst song ever written.

Off the back of Big Pharm,chuckle fuck.

You are a whinny bitch.


You didn’t address 10% of what I wrote because it obliterates all of your bull shit.

You’re a waste of time.


Sorry, Scroll up did not appear in his inbox - he can’t be bothered…


He would have dodged and deflected everything anyway.

Like this:

Lying Zep would have replied: “With more welfare and wider social safety net!”

Cheap and pathetic.

I would be more sympathetic if they weren’t so fucking dishonest about it and resorted to all the moral posturing while lying.

If this moron, for example, just admitted HE just wants more handouts out of self-interest instead of pretending to be speaking up for THE PEOPLE, which is a fucking lie:

He’s fucking cool with ALL healthcare workers taking a 40% pay cut for him while pretending to stand up for McDonald workers. Come the fuck on!

Seriously, this is why I need to stop engaging him. People like him are making me slowly lose empathy for some of the less well off who have been led into adopting this mentality by cheap lies from opportunists with agendas.



I can’t speak for everyone, but I support a lot of social programs like SGI educational spending for example.

The problem with douche nozzle is a) you have to support all of the bullshit he supports or you’re evil (even if it’s 100% stupid) and b) he’s stupid so he can’t comprehend the valid criticism made against his horseshit and he can’t comprehend the macro effect of his horseshit.

He’s an alt-left talking point idiot with no understand of the things he supports or claims.

A political clown.

An intellectual clown.

I mean Jesus Christ, I’ve said no less than a dozen times I support the use of stem cell and MJ for medical use when/if the empirical evidence supports it. It’s thebig government he supports that keeps this from happening. It ain’t me, it’s him and his ilk, but he can’t square that with his perspective because he’s “woke” and the rest of us aren’t.


I don’t even believe that he believes in what he’s purporting to support. He probably just wants free healthcare and legal and public funded stem cell treatment for himself and thinks spreading socialism is the way to get it regardless of the consequences to society. I think he thinks he’s an influencer spreading ideology. He doesn’t care if he’s wrong. He’s playing for an audience he thinks are REALLY stupid. As long as he manages to make a counter argument even with meaningless points, dodge and deflect those he can’t answer, manipulate evidence in the cheapest and silliest way possible and paint his opponents as evil by misrepresenting their posts, he thinks he’s successful.