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Bernie Beats Bezos


Smh… There are probably 100 factors as to why minimum wage is higher in Denmark. You see the world as either boack or white. 99.9999999999999999999% of life is a shade of gray. What’s their purchasing power? Cost of living? USD to whatever they use? Etc…


Oh please…

You just lied again above.

Then you scream, “stronger safety net!”, your usual stock response as if it means anything to the subject at hand without even taking into consideration the fact that that means the employees are taxed higher.

Your opinions are worth nothing. You are nowhere near my level.

Seriously, just stop wasting my time.


Hell no. Reading dumbed down articles on the internet beats years of rigorous education followed by even more years of practical work experience when analysing a subject.


The cost of living for some things are higher and lower for other things. But this higher cost of living is more than made up for with a more than doubling in wages. At least for the fast food workers. SMH… why is this so hard for you to understand? But you will try to find any excuse to justify your position. Like with healthcare. We spend double per capita more than most countries and spend a higher percentage of GDP. But somehow we are doing it better than the others. And even if we wanted to, we can’t do a form of single-payer like all the other modern countries. So apparently American exceptionalism doesn’t apply here. Why? Because it runs up against the monopoly profits of the “healthcare” industry.


Actually it’s because of all of the fat, stupid, and lazy people.

We have significantly more of them per capita than most other countries


because magic?

how much of those wages does their government allow these plebs to keep?

Which I’m sure is the backbone of their economy…

“you’re black” - Pot to kettle

Is that the argument espoused here? It seems to me most people here don’t think we have a stellar system, they mostly just don’t think the system you advocate for is better or is the solution. But that nuance is lost on you…

You don’t understand the consequences of such a thing - you’re willfully ignorant on the subject and deflect whenever ANYONE points out the cons of these systems, not to mention the differences among the countries you attempt to compare the US to wrt “healthcare” systems…

Again, it seems to me that you really don’t understand the arguments espoused here wrt healthcare and no matter how many times anyone here actually provides a very succinct, well researched and reasoned argument you reduce it to some bullshit ad hominem or reject because some of their sources happen to come from sources you think are not credible (again, because reasons??)…

So, until you decide you want to have a big boy conversation shut the fuck up about healthcare - you’re clearly out of your league wrt that debate…


You’re such a fucking clown.


Again, way out of your depth.

After tax disposal income is roughly the same. (Translation, Denmark taxes so heavily their higher wage is meaningless)

Higher in Denmark:
-Garbage, water, heat, and electric +49%
-Nikes +77%
-Dozen eggs +87%
-Rent +13%
-“City Center” (3-bedroom apartment in city) +19%
-Volkswagon Gulf +200%

Higher is US
-Local Purchasing Power (a good thing) +39%
-Broadband internet +39%
-Rice +15%
1.5 litre soda +5%

Fucking wow, the internet, rice, and soda are cheaper in Denmark. Meanwhile, a Volkswagen Gulf costs 20k in the US and
45k in Denmark.

Unreal. Can’t wait for this to be ignored by the resident dunce.


This is just one giant wall of utter nonsense, but hey, it’s not like I haven’t given you 500 reasons why we shouldn’t go single-payer. Never once have I said we can’t do it here.

I get it, though. Reading is difficult for you.


You have to have more than 7 braincells to understand nuance.


Cool. For example, my quoting you here should have a little indicator pop up at your profile towards the top of the page:

So… any replies to those questions and comments I made in my earlier post?


SMH…The main reason is the strong negotiations by unions. You don’t see the primary reasons as you concentrate on issues that are ancillary in a particular situation.

All this information is available and does not have a major bearing on the wages(twice the amount) of fast food workers in Denmark. The wages more than make up for those differences. But this is something that can’t be admitted to as it will highlight the exploitation of American workers by capitalists and that is what matters to people like you mostly. Profits by almost any means.


And why are people getting more disease? Could it be the junk food sold to them on a daily basis? But this is okay as no one is pointing a gun to their head. Why should people hold honor in the things they sell? It doesn’t matter as long as their are profits to be made. Why worry at all about the product you are selling? Got to make that money. The manipulation done by the food industry is great. And you criticize me for seeing the world black and white.


That and a lack of exercise. And a lack of nutritional knowledge that’s a short google away.

You know Europe has pop and fast food right? It’s almost like they CHOOSE to be less lazy and fat on average.

You mean the same manipulation they do in Europe? The one where less europeans fall for it?


If they are taxed more what are the taxes used for? Healthcare for example. So instead they pay a higher tax while not having to pay a monthly premium. Does this make any difference?

Not sure about the other industries as this thread was focused on more low skilled jobs.

And the mountains of evidence(like every other modern country) is lost on you. More money per capita and as a percentage of GDP. The U.S. rocks! Keep scamming the public as it is all coming to an end. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Oh you mean less expensive with often better outcomes. How awful. What about these pros of this system? You want to focus on perfection and point out any cons of the system. As if anyone is saying that it is a perfect system. No, it is just much better than the garbage we now have.

Just keep ignoring the evidence from the rest of the world and continue to make a fool of yourself by denying it anyway you can.


Does this account for public transport? Maybe autos aren’t purchased to the degree they are here in the U.S. Kinda like NYC. So the price wouldn’t matter as much.

And what is included in taxation?

And making over twice as much as their American counterparts more than makes up for this difference.


Were two of those reasons less expensive with better outcomes? Even the majority of Republicans are now behind it.

Plenty of other studies too numerous to list.

Too bad the majority of the public doesn’t believe your line of bullshit.


Can you send them again?


I’m just shocked at this horseshit response :roll_eyes:

Fucking clown


No it doesn’t, moron. Disposable income is THE SAME