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Bernie Beats Bezos

Less than a month after that socialist Sanders introduced The Bezos Act. That true welfare queen Jeff Bezos has implemented a policy that raises pay to $15/hr. on November 1st. Now maybe some of his workers won’t have to rely on food stamps, housing subsidies and Medicaid to survive. So now the public will no longer have to subsidize the richest man in the world.

The next legislation from this evil socialist deals with breaking up the banks. Don’t understand what he has against unregulated capitalism.

My sources say that Bezos got woke from reading your threads on T-Nation and not from Bernie introducting legislation with 0% chance of ever passing.


You don’t know anything about Amazon, or Bezos. You are once again out of your depth.

Unneeded PSA. Amazon pays AMAZINGLY FUCKING WELL at all tiers of labor.


Didn’t I see something about amazon employees complaining that their other benefits had been removed due to the pay increase?


I’m sure you’re aware, through your thorough researching on this topic, that many of these same workers will no longer be receiving performance bonuses and stock options, which actually decreases their pay, right?


Is it possible for you to write a post without repeating someone else’s talking point like a good little alt lefty sheep?

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Not only this, but they’re the 2nd largest employer in the United States.

“Dat Amazon is da Welfare Queen”

The irony of a person living off welfare complaining about Bezos being a welfare queen.


Personally I’m kinda hoping he keeps going with this thread. Amazon is a client of ours at work. Which means when he makes a comment about Amazon’s pay ranges, I can instafactcheck and laugh all the way back.


But you would never use a client’s data so irresponsibly like that, of course

(it’s cool, I gotchu fam)


Oh he’s not getting the data. He’d just abuse it and misinterpret it

I just like when I don’t have to have ANY doubt in my mind when I shit on people. And given there are very few people on the planet that can speak to Amazon’s wages better than my Dept, I don’t get these opportunities often.

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I mean who doesn’t?

However look who we’re talking about … it’s pretty clear that Zeppy baby has zero doubt in his mind when he shits on us, regardless of how much we know he’s full of shit haha


I keep reading this as Bernie beats Benzos.

It makes more sense that way.


So maybe the legislation didn’t have a great chance of passing. However, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the right thing to do. Bezos was shamed into raising the wages not by the law. Do you think the taxpayer should be subsidizing Bezos’s employees?

And can you try and not defend the richest man in the world, who doesn’t pay some of his workers enough to survive so they must be subsidized by the American taxpayer? Truly a useful idiot.

The point, which you miss again, is that the people living off of government subsidizes need them to survive. Does the richest person in the world need them? Does Amazon need them?

The point is, which you always miss, that many of them do not. People live stupidly frivilous lives far beyond their means. That’s been a problem in America since before you were born. I’ve been dirt poor. It’s amazing how little money it takes to survive.

You realize this change will result in very little change to Bezos income or pay, right? They’ll pass along the increased overhead down the line. He’s still just as rich and getting richer. It’s money out of the 401k of teachers and factory workers, not his.

But if you live to just survive, you will never live any other way. No one needs a car but some jobs won’t hire you if you rely on mass transit. You don’t need a cell phone but some jobs will expect you to have one. You don’t need a computer or the internet until you find out that you needed to read an email from your employer. You don’t need a house or apartment until you find out that camping in the park is illegal. You don’t need to buy fish, you can just go fishing in a river, until you realize that the water is polluted. You also can’t shoot the ducks or squirrels in the park.

Who said anything about just surviving. Living within your means as a way of setting yourself up for future is a very reasonable way to live.

And people don’t need iPhones when a cheaper phone will do.

Which can be done with extremely affordable basic smartphones.

In which case you do need a house or apt.

In which case you cannot go fishing.

Who said you could?

You magically took my ‘how little money it takes to survive’ comment and took the honor of deciding what I meant by it. Nobody ever said you have to live off the land, but a minimum wage job and a roommate can provide you with everything you need in most places if you’re not a moron. Scaling up from there.

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It’s still money.

It’s still money.

Which costs money.

So you can’t eat fish.

And you also get foodstamps and other government entitlements. In my state if you work 40 hours a week at min wage you’ll gross about 400 dollars a week. You will probably need a car in order to work. I rent out a small apartment for 800/month, no utilities included, and it’s considered more than reasonably priced. So half a month’s gross, not net, will go to rent. Then car payment and insurance and gas. Then you have utilities, and in the winter it gets cold. Then you need to eat and buy clothes. You are one flu or car repair away from falling behind on your bills.

IMO, the people who live beyond their means are not those who get welfare and work low wage jobs. They can’t get the credit needed to live that way. It’s those who make too much to get those entitlements who end up maxing out their credit cards, buy vehicles they can’t afford and get their 6 year olds iPhones.


Which is horseshit. I spent 5 years doing foreclosed home inspections in college. There are of course middle class + people who live beyond their means, but it’s absurdly true ESPECIALLY among the lower class.

You realize this is more commonplace with lower class citizens than mid+ right?

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