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Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson


Lol, what can i say?

first tko by single-leg take-down.

That's a first

They ripped B-Hop off =(

i hope Golden Boy get that belt back by court because it was lame as fuck from promoters to do that.


found it.


Link broken.

I missed the fight. Read the news.


No matter which sport you watch the refs suck... like 95% of the time.

the Linares / DeMarco fight was absolutely awesome though. A perfect reminder of why boxing rocks.


Old man is keepin' his strap.

Dawson's behavior at the press conference was uncouth and bizzaro. He deserves nothing.

I think Hopkins career is over. Bad injury, 47, all over. I don't think he'll reach the same level again.


Well, that makes Chad Dawson just about my least favorite boxer of all time.


Robert A


anybody have a link to the above mentioned press conference video?



bernard got his title back about a week ago or so...