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Bernard Hopkins is a Bad, Bad Man


You a bad, bad man.


He should have won by a wider margin, those were definitely knockdowns.


Hopkins V Dawson should be good and winner of that Vs. Butte. Also I never payed attention to Jean Pascal, and I noticed last night that he is a HORRIBLE boxer. Pascal reminds me of a cage fighter when he charges forward.


I was not impressed either. Of course, at that weight and with that right hand, dude can end a fight in one punch.

But yea, charging in with your head down against Hopkins- and you expect to win? WTF?

And also - what the fuck was with the knockdowns? What did he have to do to get those goddamn things called already? It was two that were BLATANT and one that was iffy, but I was kinda gettin pissed when the announcers- I think it was Steward and Kellerman - were saying that they were "glad they weren't called" knockdowns. Like, really? Just follow the rules when you want to? Damn.

Either way, Hopkins is one of my favorites, and I'm glad he won. He's awesome, and an inspiration.


i love using him on ea fight night


Can't agree with you here FI, there are at least five more bads necessary in that sentence before it's even remotely ture.

I find it hard to pick Hopkins against either Bute or Dawson, but I hope he proves me wrong. Dawson did not impress me at all on the undercard.


Nor I. I see him beating Dawson. Bute I'm not so sure, I've only seen him fight once or twice.


Never was a big B-Hop fan, but after these last two fights I may have to change my opinion.


I guarantee if Hopkin's glove had hit the canvass after a clean punch, Pascal would have been given a knockdown.

I used to hate Hopkins... as he (and I) get older, I like him more and more.

He is a GENIUS in the ring, a true master of the "Sweet Science"


I cannot agree more with you about Dawson. I just can't understand with all his physical gifts and size, he hits like a welter-weight.

Anybody who has more info knowledge than me please chime in...but has Dawson's chin ever been tested?

I ask because if he has weak whiskers, maybe that is why he is such a defensive fighter, otherwise, I just fail to understand why a guy so big and built like a tank(for a light heavy) can't put guys to sleep unless he is tentative about fully committed to his power shots because he is afraid of leaving himself open to a counter that could put him to sleep.

serious question.


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EDIT: oops my bad didn't read the 2


Anyone else catch this last night? Not sure if it's just me, but I thought it was pretty lackluster.


Of course it was. Bhop has never been a particularly exciting fighter, and Dawson even less so. You couldn't have paid me to watch this fight.

I saw Dan Rafael called it "nearly un-watchable." Made me laugh. No shittttt.


yah hopkins didnt do shit.