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Berlusconi Wiretaps, What Justification?


Just wondering, if anyone has been following this...I get the guy screwed some teen prostitutes...big deal, hes a billionaire, let him have some fun but...why the wiretaps? I mean who is doing the wiretaps who authorized it, why? Is it just me or would it be absolutely unacceptable for the CIA and FBI to wiretap letsay Clinton, Bush or Obama for teh sake of bring them down. I understand in the case of mafia investigations or drug charges, but wtf, the guys sex life, wtf, seriously?

Anywone feel the same way? What is the justification?


Link or GTFO!


Kind of a touch call, because like Rohnyn mentions, the privacy of the people could be under attack, but it would also hard to prosecute mafia.


They had reason to believe he was engaged in criminal activity, and he was.

I see no problem.


Government official...no. Private citizen...yes.


The story of our lives my man, doesn't matter what language, what continent, it's the same shit all over planet Earth. Soldi parlano, e stronzate passeggiate. "Money talks and bullshit walks."


I mean seriously, have we come to the point were you cannot even fuck a 17 year old hooker?

True, that might be somewhat questionable, but who really thinks it is a good idea to throw limited resources that way?


My personal opinion was that Italy is dissolving into Romanesque political backstabbing at the very top with them using the resources of the state to further their own agenda and aims. Berlusconi was a billionaire and a nigh Emperor before he became leader of the nation. So now that he is in office he is truly like a Roman Emperor and like an Emperor he has factions in Senate trying to destroy him through any means. Even if he is dirty, its even dirtier that Congressmen are in such position of influence that they can ask secret favors from the police and federal police as if they have their own mini KGB going on.

This is the kind of shit Nixon did in Watergate and for anyone to think that, the ends justify the means, ie that using the swords of the state for inter party bickering and mud slinging...has lost their mind imo.

This is dangerous and out of control, and makes a joke of transparency in government.


Prostitution is not illegal in Italy, but helping arrange sex with a minor is.

Here is the prostitute in question, Karima El Mahroug.


Maximus as recovering Italian, what is your opinion on this?


I don't know, if he did it he is a scumbag. He is not liked by most locals, as he is considered more Right-leaning than most Italians would like. If walls could talk and we could find out everything, they would cook his ass al dente.


In my point of view, I don't really care. In Italy you've got some openly gay transgender senators doing god knows what kind of debaucheries, and the PM uses his own money to screw some call girls...what's the big deal? If that's the worst they can pin on him, I'll die of laughter.

His approval was sky high for quite some time and mud slinging doesn't seem to stick, even at his lowest point I believe he's at 40% or so. He's going to get canned prolly, but it's a sad state of affairs if he get's canned for this. I think much of his diving approval rating and new found critics stem from the economic issues we're all going through more than anything else.


Yeah, it should be the other way around, who should we listen in on...Government officials or private citizens? I vote for the GO, not the Private Citizens. But, I know those people be wiretapping everybody. The government officials though they are above the law.


Rohnyn are you fucking serious man. This is the leader of the fuckin' country. You can't fucking have your leader going around fucking random girls, yet alone underaged girls. He's supposed to be a public servant and doing his job to make Italy a better place to live. The man is a joke and the simple fact that he's a billionaire should dissuaded have anyone for voting for him. How an idiot like him can hold such a high position in government is a poignant footnote for Italy and the Italian people and Europe as a whole.


I know it's hard to wrap our heads around, but over there it's really no big deal. Yea having sex with minors is no good of course, but in a country where there is no legitimate drinking age, I don't even know if there is a definitive age where someone is a kid or an adult.

This sign is legit, not shopped.


Prostitutes in Rome


I see no problem with this. Carry on.


I think this is a difference in culture. As an Englishman type you expect the leader of your country to be some prude puritanical type, as a Latin, I expect the leader of a country to be strong and nothing more. In fact, and in excess in strength, also comes to be an excess in appetites. I am disgusted by th Queen Elizabeth more than Berlusconi.


I'm sorry but your ethnic type should have nothing to do with it, nor should your culture. To say you want a strong leader and nothing more tells you have uncomfortably low expectations of how you want your country to be run. When you say that I think you see no problems with tyranny or elitism.

When your leader is hooching and mooching around and banging strippers from his own strip joint that tells me he's not serious. His priorities are elsewhere. I mean for crying out loud the Mafia have more standards then this asshole.

EDIT: Also want to note Queen Elizabeth isn't in any real position of power. England is a democracy so the PM has say on domestic and foreign policies.


You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

Italians fully expect politicians to be crooks, which is actually a very mature position and they believe that a billionaire has very little incentive to be on the take.

That, and the fact that most of his opposition consists of socialist nutjobs clearly makes him the lesser evil.

Plus, she is hot and he is entertaining.