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Berlin World Track & Field 100M Predictions!


Gold Usain Bolt JAM 9.56 WR

Silver Tyson Gay USA 9.70

Bronze Asafa Powell JAM 9.89

Place your bets!!!


9.56? Is that a typo? Bolt hasn't done a whole lot this year, and Gay really seems to be at the top of his game right now. I think he has a chance to beat him. Third could go to a handful of people, I guess I'll just stick with Powell for now.

Bolt: 9.72
Gay: 9.75
Powell: 9.88

I'm not going to throw out any times for the 200m, but I think Gay will edge out Bolt there.


when is this????????????? i have to see it.


No typo. 9.56!!!


It's not until Aug. 15 and lasts until Aug 23. http://berlin.iaaf.org/index.html


I see Bolt taking the 200M too. The race there could be closer. A world record from Bolt is not out of the question if pushed. I see him being the first athlete going under 19secs for 200m!!


Remember Bolt is the 200m is actually what Usain Bolt trained for and is his specialty, he only started running the 100m at the request of his coach. Bolt will take the 200 & 100 easily. Plus whoever said Bolt hasn't done anything much this year, he has one every single event he has been in since the Olympics. Not much indeed.


He was talking times.


19.59 & 9.79 both in rain and headwinds sounds pretty darn good to me. Gay ran similar times in ideal conditions. Bolt's the man to beat!!!


9.56... I wonder if Kwats actually watches track?


I think he was actually a 400-meter runner and shaded to the 200 meter as an adjunct. Now he obviously is a 100/200 runner.

Bolt is simply too fast for Gay. Bolt was not even trying at the Olympics. It's a shame, too, because Gay is probably the harder worker, but Bolt is just a freak. Should be close though.


One week to go. Does Gay stand a chance if Bolt is healthy throughout the competition? I say NO!!!


Gay is a man of honor and will put up a good fight, but he can't beat Bolt.

  1. Bolt
  2. Gay
  3. Chambers

Powel slows down in the big races.

What about the group of Jamaican sprinters (including Bolt's training partner) who have recently tested positive, certainly plants seeds of doubt in the mind.

  1. Gay
  2. Bolt
  3. Rogers

I believe in Gay to beat Bolt, although it may be a longshot. GO USA! So I choose Mike Rogers to come in 3rd.


First of all, let me say that I think Chambers has absolutely no chance of making the top 3. He has not shown any type of form indicating he can even finish in the top half of a fast final. And what's more, I think he is completely deluded about his own ability (the "Project Bolt" comments he made recently).

Regarding the Jamaican doping: supposedly it was a minor substance (that is, not an anabolic steroid). And I don't think it should cast any doubt over Bolt, who has been an exceptional sprinter since his early teens. With most cases of doping, you notice a significant increase in performance. For example, Tim Montgomery, who played second fiddle to Maurice Green for most of his career, managed to run a WR time out of nowhere. The same thing was true of Ben Johnson, and indeed Linford Christie was a pretty average club runner until some time after Seoul (and he was caught doping in a meet in Germany towards the end of his career, although he claimed that was because of pressure to remain competitive).

I would like Powell to do well, but sadly he tends to cave in under pressure. But I would never rule him out. He ran 9.77 at Gateshead Stadium, which having run there myself, I can tell you is a slow track, and the weather was poor that day. That shows the talent he has. And another thing people forget is that he is actually the most consistent 100m runner ever (in terms of number of times he's run under 10s).

Gay is extraordinarily good, and if he had been competing at any time before Bolt, I have no doubt he would've dominated 100m and 200m. I think he could potentially beat Bolt if he focuses on the 200m, and if Bolt does both 100m and 200m. It's a good thing he's around to push Bolt at any rate.


Just to expand on what I said before. Chambers did not manage to get anywhere when he was doping, and that was against fields of sprinters objectively slower than those running in Berlin.


I saw Tyson Gay running in Stockholm, he looked really good in there. Powell was also racing but he was not so impressive.


Powell's issue is that if he can keep his head together, he could be a solid contender for the 100M Silver. He has not demonstrated that level of focus in a major championships!!


BOLT 9.58!!!!!WR GOLD




Bolt 9'58
Gay 9'71