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Berardi's Vegetarian Diet


I'd write this in the article discussion section, but the article was such a long time ago, I don't think a post would get a response. Was there any round-up of how Berardi's vegetarian diet went?



Yes, on his site there was a summary, precisionnutrition.com. Just search there it shouldn´t be difficult to find...


In a word?



Well he said he was satisfied with results, he gained some amount of lean mass. The original purpose was to find out how or if sb is able gain mass with that diet and it turned out to be possible. So it not poorly...


Correct me if I'm wrong, but he also said he ended up getting fatter and a lot smoother.


There have been more than a handful of debates about the vegetarian and vegan diets and its physique, strength, and health. You can search around and find alot of stuff. I know Chris Colucci is quite knowledgeable about it, you might want to hit him up. Even though I have had disagreements with his position on this topic, he is a hell of a guy and one smart mofo.