Berardi's recommendations and fat loss??

I have read Berardi’s latest article on nutrition for 2002. It makes sense. I ordered Whey hydroslate, CFM whey,Caseinate, dextrose, maltodextrin and glutamine peptides and plan on taking at the beginning and at the end of my workouts like he recommended. My question is this: I know it will put me in the best anticatabolic state aside from steroids but will I gain FAT or hinder loss of bodyfat by following these recommendations? Does it make sense to take ECA anymore if I do this?? I have been doing sprint interval work at the end of my lifting sessions to reduce bodyfat and while I think berardi’s recommendations will indeed help me keep muscle mass, I am wondering if it hinder my fat loss?

Thats a good question wish I knew. I was thinking of the same thing

Hinder FAT LOSS… HELLZ NO! If anything the more you are ANABOLIC the more the fat will come off. Being ANABOLIC is great, you are always pretty much in fat burning-muscle building state. Well as long as you feed you muscles their food, protein, BCAA’s, glutamine and other aminos. I’ve tried playing around with buying all the stuff you bought seperately, save yourself the headache and shell out some bucks for SURGE. 1 scoop in 1.5lts of water during training and the same after training, making sure you chew each mouthfull before you gulp it down. This helps a lot. I went up in all my lifts doing this for 2 weeks. You’ll feel kinda stupid chewing liquid, but whos cares if it gets you into a lean-mean- chick-magnet-machine. I forgot to mention that the Roid Boys in your gym might think you’re on Roids too. I like knowing that they think i got this intesity in the gym from a needle in my ass, when its really a watered down drink