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Berardi's PWO When Cutting


Just bought a copy of scrawny to brawny ready for when its time to start growing.

Would you change the pre, durning and post workout drinks whilst on a cut?


of course. because while cutting you will most likely be on a low(or at least lower) volume routine than when bulking, much of the carbohydrates suggested generally for PWO are not necesarry. unless you have the recovery abilities of a atrophying grandma, i really do not think more than one gram of carbohydrate for every set you do is necesarry. i know in my experience that i can go with no carbs in my postworkout shake, but then again you gotta realize i have excellent recovery abilities naturally and my environment is very condusive to recovering well. my workout is also not high volume, maybe 15 sets/twice a week.

so in conclusion, yes change your protocols for PWO shake when cutting and bulking.
-.1 grams of PRO x LBM pre-workout
-same afterwards, and maybe .05 grams CHO x LBM in both if you have shitty recovery.